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Taming the bicycle

Categories: Bicycles
How does the title set up the reader’s expectation for the general tone.
Inanimate objects cannot be tamed

Why did he purchase a barrel of Pond’s Extract
he expected injury

Why does he compare the bicycle to a young horse?
he is removing the blame of his incapabilities from himself by blaming the bicycle instead

The bicycle was not injured
it has a life of its own and wins every battle

steel-spider webs
example of juxtaposition
two extremes placed together for literary emphasis and to provide more description

why is this not an allegory?
no deeper meaning, he is only explaining his experience in riding a bike

How does Mark Twain use hyperbole?
“Five days later I got out and was carried to the hospital”
emphasizes how difficult it is to ride a bike

The bike had the “wabbles”
he is again blaming the bike for his failures in order to be humourous

How does Twain surprise the reader in how he describes how to get on the bike
it includes falling off

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Taming the bicycle
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