Talent planning in organisations Essay

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Talent planning in organisations

Before an organisation is able to carry out talent planning activities there are a few contingencies and factors that could affect the business in resourcing talent affectively. One of the main factors to consider is the location of the business. The location could mean there is a lack of talent or abundance. For example an IT company would attract the best talent from either Silicon Valley or Bangalore, however if the company is based in Glasgow how will the convince the best talent to come and move there. A second factor is the budget. This is an issue for smaller or start-ups. Not having the right amount of budget or having no budget means you are restricted to the resources you can use to attract the best talent such a specialist recruitment agencies or advertising on industry specific job boards as they can be quite costly. Business objectives a further more factor. As one of the objectives of the company would be to have good retention of staff however that might mean if they doing a good job of the retention of staff they might not necessarily need to hire new staff. Lastly whether a company is growing or expanding is another factor. If a company is expanding than this will have to be taken into account however if a company is not expanding will increasing or atleast attracting talent be made more difficult? As potential employees will want to work for a company that is growing and not one that is shrinking or making cut backs. While a company is thinking about recruiting talent they also need to realise the benefits and strengths of having a diverse work force. For example one of the benefits is you will attract more skills and strengths with a diverse work force.

BY recruiting from only one region for example you could not get the expertise of someone who might be in the same industry from a different region who would know the market better. As a result of this another benefit is getting different points of view. By ensuring you have a diverse work force you are able to get new eyes on a problem and find better solutions. A third and final reason is who that you are recognised as an employer of choice where by you can in the long run attract better talent as you have a diverse work force to begin with. Although a company needs to recruit and they have been able to attract the talent, when it comes to the right selection there a number of factors which can affect this. For example the time limits, when a company has a job role that needs to be filled quickly due to how pivotal the job is to the organisations day to day running it can mean due to the time limit they might make the wrong decision. Another factor is the types of skills and the culture. Although on paper the candidate might seem the best and has experience sometimes some skills are not measurable until the person is working for the company and as a result even though you might have made the right decision based on paper in reality they might not be the best person for the job. And finally the last reason would be for the type of role. Some roles are really specific to a certain industry, you might be able to attract the talent but due to there being such a specialist in the field you might not be able to select the exact person as there is no set process to decide who the right fit will be for the roles due to the nature of the role.

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