Tale Essay Topics

The Franklin’s Tale

Nature can be perceived as a fundamental theme in Chaucer’s writing during certain parts of The Franklin’s Tale. It can be conveyed as a positive or negative aspect of the characters surroundings. Dorigen’s castle stands “faste by the see. ” The sea is significant to Dorigen’s feelings in several different ways. The unpredictable and commanding… View Article

The Triangulation of Love in The Knights Tale

In “The Knight’s Tale,” the first story of The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer uses the triangle to investigate the abstract complexity of life’s most powerful emotion—love. Since “love is law unto itself,” it can be a challenge to examine its erratic nuances critically. Yet Chaucer, through the symbolic geometry of a triangle, masterfully establishes a… View Article

The Clerk’s Tale

This illustrates that January is seeing a ‘reflection’ of the ideal of marrying a beautiful maiden – though not a reflection of his own physical appearance, which later detracts from May’s comfort in their wedding bed. The Merchant neglects to mention her parentage and under what pretences she actually came to marry January, whose presentation… View Article

The Merchant’s Tale

The use of the word ‘but’ in line 843 is the first signal to the audience that there is going to be a significant change within Januarie’s fortune. Up until this point he has been considerably lucky; he is described as a ‘worthy knight’ who has ‘lived in greet prosperitee’ and has been married to… View Article

The Prioress Tale

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is a collection of tales during the medieval period that presents different stories of traveling pilgrims from various social degrees and culture. The characters’ life in these collective stories revolves around the beliefs, behaviors, and diverse political system of the three main societal estates and class divisions: the church,… View Article

The Wife of Bath

In the tale of Wife of Bath, Chaucer has well depicted the role of women in the middle age period. This poem was instructive and pleasing because although most women were viewed and treated as objects rather than being respected by men, Chaucer shows another viewpoint through the Wife of Bath, a feminist view that… View Article