Taking the Self-Assessment Quiz

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Knowing about you from other’s point of view is to discover yourself with other’s perception and how people take you as a person, your behaviour and intentions which make you realize your true and full potential. Usually, I am a type of person who loves to take personality test just to know where you stand and measuring the ability of your own and taking the self-assessment quiz I could measure my self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management skills.

Maintaining a good environment

With this assessment by taking quiz by myself along with two other close individuals for self-reflection, this leads me to identify and realise various thing through Johari Model. This model represents information about emotions like feelings, motivation etc. whether the information about individual is open or know to another person, or blind or unknown to them. After doing quiz, outcome of comparison by the result is most of the component lies at first quadrant i.e. open self where the finding is like my behaviour, what I am, how they perceive from me and my behaviour and attitude. Knowing them for many years they have learn to distinguish my behaviour, attitude, values, and my desire to achieve my goal. In this sense, view of one person may vary in capability to manage your emotional reaction to get feedback of critical performance means self-awareness (Kaiser & Kaplan, 2006).

This quadrant in personal development help to promote individual self-esteem leads to face new challenges, building new relationship and to think positively.

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Accordingly, there are few things about us that we have not realise or identified but others did, is the second quadrant of Johari Window known as Blind Spot, in my case I couldn’t find any things that they know about me and I have not realise, me being an extrovert, I always love to share things whether it’s something exciting, happiness or anything sad with others which obviously let other people know about my personality and behaviour. Since, this quadrant show us that trust and sincere with people you are close is very important to let them know point their weaknesses and help them enhance it as well. In third quadrant, hidden area, there are few things which I feel sometimes I need some space when I feel low and little bit difficult to move on from frustration or unhappy mood, which is hidden to most of the people where I always pretend to be normal as always.

At a times, I must be responsible to be careful with my words and hide the feeling of being irritated in front of others to maintain a good environment. Nevertheless, I know I must work on decreasing the gloominess for personal development from Hidden Self to make people in my surrounding always feel pleasure to maintain the relationship yet not vanish the Hidden Self to leave some privacy space in myself. Finally, the last quadrant where in my view its all about future vision where nobody knows about myself including my own things, it depends upon the situation created or happened or the opportunities we get during the span of time. For instance, I always want to be an Airhostess but then started my career as a banker but still it is my dream to be an Airhostess and nobody knows what holds in the future, we cannot see the vision of our future and this area is my unknown self area.

My personal strength and weakness

The outcome of the quiz did not surprise me at all since, I am much aware of my ability to deal with self-awareness, social awareness and relationship management. The reflection generated by each sources of information which gives you the ability to understand your emotions, values, goals, strengths and weakness and helps to recognize the impact on others is self-awareness. The thinking style or the evaluation of your own conscious thoughts and feelings which is also known as introspective analysis of your experiences to attain greater self-awareness leads to self-reflection (Daudelin, 1996; Seibert & Daudelin, 1999). I have started my career as an Assistant in bank after completed my bachelor’s degree being the student of business and marketing faculty it was always been my ambition to work in a bank. Working in a bank for almost 10 years, I have worked in Human Resources Department where I have deal with all the staff, facilitate with staff facilities and maintain cordial relationship with everyone. Since, I was capable with making good relationship with almost all the staff I never had a bad experience, I used to deal with people, listening to grievances and try to fulfil the requirements and provide excellent services to them.

During the tenure in Human Resource Department I got promoted twice which was my target goal during that time and transferred to Deposit Relationship Management and got opportunity to work as a Relationship Officer. In the new department I had the responsibility to deal and provide banking services to high volume depositors and to solicit deposits for the bank with a team. The targeted goal must be challenging and specific to stimulate individual performance (Locke & Latham, 1990). It was my targeted pathway where I have decided to be and had a clear vision where I want to be and worked hard to achieve my goal which was clear and precise as a banker. The action plans should be well designed so that you should also be sure that the goals and target remain prominent (Zimmerman, 2000).

Coming to the area of my personal strength and weakness, I believe that both qualities go hand in hand together. As a part of my strength, dedication towards deadlines are focused always and I can go to any limits to achieve those deadlines which sometimes leads to long hours of work and can be fatal which shows signs of weakness as well. Also, I’m a team player, meaning I can always be helpful and always dedicated to achieving team goals and I believe that I’m a quick learner too. Talking about weakness, I tend to easily trust people and at times I have failed in the decision I have taken. Lastly, this mixture of strength and weakness have been able to solidify my matureness wherein I have learnt a lot in these years of experience and still learning from those I deal in daily basis.

Difficulties dealing with different type of people

I have been brought up in socially and culturally developed small country, where I have been educated to be aware of the world around you, prepare our self to have a sense of your role, respect and value diversity, to take responsibility for actions and beliefs and work in a team hand in hand to achieve the target. Since, I have migrated to Australia for further education, I have accepted the Australian culture to be stable and make myself comfortable to any of the situation. I have worked in a Cafe own by the Vietnamese, where the workers are from different country like Nepal, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam etc. Initially I found it difficult to deal with different type of people with different aspects, to deal with their communication, their attitude and behaviour. I have a nature to make new friends communicate with them properly, flexible in any situation but I had face few experience with diversified culture people, that they perceive things in negative way however I tried to explain things, they don’t even want to listen and due to lack of proper communication knowledge of the other colleague I have to deal with lots of awkward and difficult situation.

The change in culture can sometimes explode emotional reactions, so it is important for provide them the affective culture of the company to make them realise how emotions are to be regulated, experienced and expressed in working environment (Alvesson, 2002). Me being a global citizen will try to be creative, dedicated, proactive and flexible to take an active participation in the emerging community of the world and will help to build the values and practices. The enhancement on skills related to proper communication with the colleague, problem solving attitude, decision making skill, collaboration for the team effort and critical thinking are very important and essential to success in the workplace and obviously applicable in general life as well.


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Taking the Self-Assessment Quiz

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