Taking Risks Is a Part of Living Life

Searching for the Unknown “But the soul refuses to be harnessed… the soul longs for passion, for freedom, for life” (John Eldredge), People seeking freedom refuse to be weighed down by society, In Jon Krakauer’s “Death of an Innocent,” a determined twenty-something went against society and tried to be his own person, A risk-taking thrill-seeker, Chris McCandless used his curiosity as he attempted to prove himself. Taking risks can be difficult, but it helps people to grow, be challenged and mature.

Knowing the consequences, Chris took risks to find out who he really was as an individual. Jon Krakauer would describe that “McCandless, in his fashion, merely took risk taking to its logical extreme” (Krakauer 10). Chris showed that he was a risk-taker by going to the extreme to know who he was. Chris went into the wilderness with nothing to help him while he was out there Chris risked his life and risked hurting his family in the process. Chris’ mother, Billie, talked unenthusiastically about Chris and how she did not “understand why he had to take those kind of chances” (Krakauer 9).

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Chris showed that he was a risk-taker by going out and trying to see the wilderness would reveal anything about himself, although his family did not understand why he was doing it, By taking risks, Chris got closer to finding he was in the wilderness. Even though Chris understood the results of his actions, he used irrational actions to truly discover himself. Curious people always want to know more.

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Driven by his curiosity, Chris McCandless went into the wilderness to find out more about the world. Alistair Reed, being the curious poet that he is, wrote in his poem, “Curiosity,” implied that “curiosity/ will not cause us to die—/ only a lack of it will” (Reed). Chris showed that he was curious by acting out on his curiosity and not letting the absence of curiosity kill him He went out and tried to find what he was looking fort Chris said in a letter to his friend, Westerberg, while he was in Bullhead.

Arizona that “I’ll see what happens when spring comes around, because that’s when I tend to get really itchy feet” (Krakauer 5). This twenty something was always on the move and used his curiosity to find out what was out there in the world for him Chris shows that he was curious by letting his curiosity guide him throughout the wilderness and finding different things that helped him get closer to finding himself Chris showed that he was curious by using his “itchy feet” to explore himself in the wilderness. Chris was guided by his curiosity to find the world out in the wilderness. Everyone wants to feel special and not be mediocre. Through his Alaskan journey, Chris strove to find his purpose in life and tried to prove that he was not an average guy, Westerberg talked about how intelligent Chris was and how “he always had to know the absolute right answer before he could go on to the next thing” (Krakauer 4). This young male did not like if he never got a definite answer, and he would not move on until he did He always tried to prove that there was a definite answer to everything, Madonna stated in an interview that her “drive in life is from this horrible fear of being mediocrem even though I am Somebody.

I still have to prove that l’m Somebody” (Madonna). Chris related to Madonna by always trying to prove that he was not a nobody and that he was a somebody. He tried to prove that he had a purpose in life by going out into the wilderness to find that it, Chris looked for his meaning in life and to justify that he was not an ordinary guy. Chris McCandless, an adventurous twenty-something, used his investigative mindset in pursuit to find himself. Chris tried to find himself taking irrational risks despite the consequences, In addition to taking irrational risks, Chris was led by his determination and went out into the wilderness to find himself and the world. Trying to find himself and the world in the wilderness, Chris longed to find his purpose in life and prove that he is not an average twenty something‘ Go find meaning in life in the world, even if it might be an uncomfortable experience.

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