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Taken is an action, thriller film directed by Pierre Morel. The film is a typical action thriller, where the heroic protagonist beats the heck out of everyone who gets in the way of him attaining his goal, action film. Director Pierre Morel has used genre-typical techniques such as fight choreography to have a predictable effect on the audience. Throughout the film of Taken Bryan Mills played by Liam Neeson is a Former U.S Central Intelligence Agency operative becomes the Hero of this film.

With his daughter Kim kidnapped on a European tour trip. Bryan is told from Sam his close friends from his Agency that an Albanian human trafficking business probably kidnaped her based on a recording phone call from Kim. Bryan then decides to track down these Albanian human trafficking thugs and as he does so, he is show with stereotypical brave characteristics, willing to be in danger to rescue his daughter. Kim.

Being his daughter, she is is predictably useless in the situation that she is trapped in. With more exposure to the human trafficking business, he finds out that the Albanians abduct female tourist and addict them to drugs and turn them into prostitutes. As Bryan gets closer and closer to finding his daughter, the Albanian thugs try to prevent him from tracking down his daughter, and them. This creates the conflict/action tension that develops the narrative. I will be analyzing two interpretations that stood out to me in this film, Gender representation and Genre.

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