Taco Bell Essay Topics

Chipotle Mexican Grill

I. Key Problem What Steven Ells began with a small taqueria in Denver, Colorado in 1993, one may not have foreseen this venture to become the fastest growing restaurant chain in the last decade. By 2006, Ells’ idea made its initial public offering with 535 restaurants throughout the world. Things were going tremendously well for… View Article

Analytical Report

The purpose of this report is to concentrate on presenting and discussing the facts about E. coli outbreak in fast food restaurant in recent 20 years. We investigated and analyzed several fast food restaurants that had ever been suffered E. coli outbreaks in recent 20 years. I try to find relationship between the E. coli… View Article

MCdonald vs Taco Bell

Since the last decades the fast-food industry has been developing rapidly and has effectively penetrated majority of the market internationally. MC Donald, started in 1954, is now the world leading global food service retailer generating a revenue of 28.11 billion U.S dollars in 2013 (MC Donald’s revenue 2013). Contrarily, due to the poor managerial function,… View Article