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Tackle with Illegal Immigration in United Kingdom

The immigration Act 2016 was proposed to Royal assent on the 12th of May 2016. The government set this act to tackle all illegal immigration, crossing our borders by making it harder to live and work illegally in the United Kingdom. However the act not only makes changes to immigration law and practice but also focuses carefully on other areas such as housing, social welfare and employment in to spark the “hostile environment” envisaged. Therefore, the act will have a major impact on lawyers and the UK practshions as their will be a significant change in.

Border control regulations, thus the legislation will become much harsher for non British citizens crossing the British border meaning new laws will be put into practice and into legislation in the UK.

Slightly before the Immigration Act was legislated there was a campaign before the referendum in the UK where “Theresa May” our Priminseter at this time and Boris Johnson, X Major of the capital of the UK “london”.

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Stood side by side when asked to save their bid on the immigration act to be put through after the referendum they: 1)“feared failure to their campaign if they didn’t get support from big names”. So Johnson and May acted fast and rescued their bid by persuading the British Public to leave the EU. In this year’s controversial victory over a determined army of voters that wanted to remain in the EU some might argue that this year’s referendum was historical.

The public was approached by several UK “out” the EU campaigns on social media with advertising how much the NHS and how UK schools are poorly funded: 2)Due to the fact that the UK was paying most of its taxpayers money to the EU.

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Where the was seen paying over £51 Million a year to the EU budget e.g Gross contribution, subtract the rebate, subtract public sector receipts and subtract private sector receipts and in fact in 2016 the UK paid over: 3)£8.6 Bn to the EU. The Government organisations like the NHS for instance at the time was suffering with major budget cuts due to EU budget contribution. Therefore the social media campaign for leaving the EU and NHS budget cuts had a massive contribution for the Act as without the social media efforts like the BBC with the 5“Working, Earnin, Makin #VOTING articles before the referendum and post referendum impacted the overall decision for the Immigration act to be put forward into the legal system.

This issue was noted by a pro brexit representative Nigel Farage former Ukip leader, He told the UK independence party on the 31st of march 2015 that: 4)“ Immigration has left Britain almost unrecognisable” you may argue that this statement by Nigel was very left wing and that this really supported the fight with the making of “Immigration act 2016”. Another factor to the argument is that Nigel Farage has a rich past and most of UK out the EU votes where a respectable majority of: 5)“UKip supporters in fact 25%” of them voted to leave EU whereas only 1% of Ukip supporters voted (remain in the EU) during the referendum. In conclusion, Nigel farage had a positive impact with the Immigration act 2016 being put forward and then legislated.

The Act was influenced by the large increase of syrian refugees, what the act is trying to do is control migration to the UK. As the Bill was being put through Green and White Paper stage there was a lot of pressure for the paper to be drafted to the commons as this topic was becoming ever nervy for many Uk citizens as the public and the government have seen that there is not enough space for these refugees and that the UK doesn’t want nor need anymore refugees. Where measures in the act make the UK a less attractive lace for the illegal migrants and those who seek to exploit them. This is one of the changes that the immigration act had on the UK it made it less attractive to refugees coming to the UK this is important because we see quick change to the country as soon as the Bill was put forward.

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