Taboo Language Essay

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Taboo Language

Over the past century language use has changed dramatically, what we see to be appropriate or not now is not the same as it once used to be. This is due to the meanings of words changing and being used to offend others. As well as this some words have become far more acceptable than they used to be because of changing times and uses. Words that never used to offend such as ‘Gay’ could now be seen to offend as once upon a time it meant happy and is now often used as insult implying somebody is homosexual. Although the offensiveness of some words has never changed, some language is seen as unacceptable by everyone everywhere.

Morphological changes The meanings of many words have changed over time. This could be due to the change in the way we have used them or just misunderstanding their meanings. By using them as insults people are slowly changing their meanings making words which would not previously be seen as being offensive insulting to people. Words often end up with double meanings because of this. This includes words such as “Bitch” which as well as meaning a female dog can also mean an unpleasant female.

Some words are always offensive Although the meanings of some words change over time and some become less offensive as years go on, some never change. Different generations all have differing opinions on most words. But certain words are affected by nothing and offend most. These words include “Spastic” or “cunt”. Few people are not offended by the use of these words. Often these are people who do not understand the implications or meanings of such words.

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