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Tablet Segmentation Psychographic Research Essay

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Activities: many students from all over the world as well as educational bodies descend upon the International Consumer Electronics Show(CES) every year to find out what the brand new technology is about to hit the streets. They do this as it enhances the possibilities for what can be made possible for the classroom. There are things such as the Oculus Rift which is a virtual reality headset, this piece of equipment can be used to replace school trips. There is also the McGraw-Hill learn smart advantage.

This is a new piece of technology Atari are calling the smart book. It adapts to the readers learning capabilities and stores the files they need to work on as well as remembering the parts of text books which students will need to revise as it tracks their capabilities such as how fast they read, what they study most, what kind of books help them to study better etc… Then it gives the students options so that they can go back and revise what they need to at their own pace.

This would definitely be a feature worth putting into our tablet, if they have not yet made an app.We should defiantly look into developing one. If the VR glasses are not yet developed for consumers then we should look into an adapter for our tablet. http://blog.chegg.com/tag/ces-2013/ http://edudemic.com/2013/02/20-great-play-based-learning-apps-for-younger-students/ Edudemic is a website forum where students and teachers can leave blogs about what they think are the best ways of educating children at the moment and what the new educational products are like. The link i found is for the top 20 apps for young students at the moment they range from handwriting apps to amazing alex which is an app to teach children about physics.

The second link below shows how apps for tablets and smart phones can help students with disabilities to learn. These apps help children with disabilities from autism and learning disabilities through to the main disabilities like deafness and visual impairment. http://edudemic.com/2013/01/how-technology-is-changing-education-for-disabled-students/ 6 examples of successful classroom tablet integration

Students studying introductory Chinese at Northwestern University are supplementing their course material with iPad apps. At HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland educators initiated the MobiLearn project to develop creative ways for integrating mobile devices into the curriculum. They are currently piloting Samsung Galaxy tablets and have cited that the devices work well for creating and sharing documents.

Samsung Galaxy Tablets at Lavington Primary School

Samsung is piloting a program called “Smart School” at Lavington Primary School in Africa in which classrooms are equipped with Galaxy Tablets. So far, teachers have noted that the devices have made learning experiences more personalized and interactive. Seton Hall University and Samsung Windows 8 Tablet

Seton Hall University recently became the first university in the US to adopt Windows 8 PC tablets. By having a combination of tablet mobility with the functionality of a computer, the university believes they are enabling quicker access to information, deeper engagement, and greater flexibility. Stanford University’s iPad Implementation

The Stanford University School of Medicine distributed iPads to incoming students and studied their use in classrooms and laboratories. They found the tablets were favored over laptops for note taking and especially effective in quickly accessing reference materials and educating patients in clinical settings.

Tablets at Amrita University

Amrita University students and teachers are using a $35 tablet called Aakash — a low-cost alternative to other mobile devices. Their ongoing research is focused on developing responsive UI-based content for tablets that integrates with their formative assessment process and e-learning environments. UWS Deploys iPads to Support IT-Enhanced Learning

The University of Western Sydney (UWS) announced that 11,000 incoming students and staff members would be receiving iPads as part of a comprehensive curriculum renewal strategy. UWS is moving to a blended learning environment for all degrees beginning in 2013 and believes tablets are an important tool to support this new learning and teaching model. http://edudemic.com/2013/02/successful-classroom-tablet-integration/ A lot of students use their tablets within the classroom to gain access to lecture slides, especially if they cannot see the slides on the large screen; this is very helpful for students with visual impairments. They also use them for writing notes, which is useful especially if they have a light scribe pen which records what you write on paper, and then copies those notes (hand movements) onto your tablet through applications such as Evernote or onto a laptop application. http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2237239

But that is all classroom uses, now when it comes to using the tablet in leisure time students from the ages of five use them to surf the internet, look a pictures, listen to music, watch movies and watch TV, YouTube is a big hit for the use of tablets as they are particularly. Most tablets are used by people who need to travel for work reasons. This is because they are a lot more useful than a smart phone; they are mainly used as a way to keep in touch with what is going on back at the office. The use of email and the ability to access documents from the office make tablets a good option for people who are traveling. They are also often used to prepare presentations because they allow for easy manipulation of images. This makes them ideal for the working professional on the go. The other common use for a tablet is entertainment.

A lot of people use tablets for things like watching video and for reading books. The reason is that the tablet is a lot easier to hold in a variety of positions so that you can lie in bed and watch a video for example. If you tried to do this with a laptop you would find it to be very difficult. Tablets also tend to have better screens than laptops as well which makes them ideal for watching video or for playing games. While there are a lot of uses for tablets the reality is that they have not really been used to their full potential as of yet. This is a big part of the reason that they have not become quite as popular as people thought they would be. So far they tend to fall somewhere in between a smart phone and a laptop which makes it hard for people who have both anyway to find any real need for them. As more and more uses and applications start to appear it is probable that tablets will become more popular.

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