Problem Solving Process: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of contentsIntroduction Task 1: Plan Description of the Problem solving Process Conclusion References IntroductionThis report discusses on the problem solving processes taken to find out how the management system will be designed to a success considering the budget and time given to the developing team. The report will act as a proposal for the IT management system expected.Task 1:PlanThis report is an outline of how the design on the new system will be solved. This will be a proposal to the school admin to briefly give them a picture of how the idea wil be put into place.

Description of the Problem solving Process Problem definitionJones M. (1998) explains that problem definition is the most important step in the problem solving process. The way you define the problem will determine how you attempt to solve it.Defining the problem will involve several techniques that will lead to the best way to defining the problem at hand. These include:Brainstorming: Brainstorming is an idea invention and problem solving technique which is used to generate ideas within a group setting.

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It is usually used in the beginning stages of a project by leaders and managers, where the possibilities for the project are not clearly understood or defined, Deepak Rajpal (2014)Interviewing: An interview is a conversation that is used to gather information. Interviews can be conducted face-to-face or over the telephone. The internet is also emerging as a tool for interviewing, (M. Easwaramoorthy & Fataneh Zarinpoush, Imagine Canada)Questionnaire: Dr. Karim Abawi (2013) explains a questionnaire as a data collection instrument consistent of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents.

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The management team has requested for an IT system that will be used to link the four schools that are located within the 50 mile radius. The IT system project has been allocated a budget of Ј40 000, of which now the IT team has to come up with a plan of how the money will be spent to get the best results with the aim of having an IT system capable of providing the Schools Administration team with the functionalities requested. Identifying Selection Criteria In this step, the team gathers all information that pertains to or can influence the success of the projects. Although some of the information may not bear on the problem at hand, it must be available for the team to consider when developing and analyzing courses of action. The available funds and time allocated for the project may somehow be a limiting factor for the various steps followed for the success of the project.An IT system to detail with: Students' data, e.g. name, address, exam results; Teachers' data, e.g. name, qualifications, classes; Storage of files, e.g. students' work and resources; Internal method of communication, e.g. email and instant messaging.The management system that will be designed or used should offer the schools with: System usability: Importantly, however the system works, make sure it is usable for your whole team. All the employees who will interact with it should be able to use it with few or no problems. The school Admin team should be able to interact with the system without having difficulties. Tom Eburne (2014) System visualization and reporting: A school management system will be run on daily basis hence the system used should be able to present results of queries and other data in a vivid and interactive way. Sujain Thomas (2017) Security: Sujain Thomas (2017) states that data is the biggest assest in a business and its very sensitive. Tom Eburne (2014) further states that any system you implement must address the issue of keeping your data secure. Integration: one osf the expectations for the new system is for it tobe able to provide internal method of communication like email and instant messaging. Tom Eburne (2014)'s explaination helped in explaining by stating that a system should integrate with your other software systems like mailing platforms. Scalability: The proposed system must have capacity for future expansions, for example additional schools, and increases in student and teacher numbers. The system propsed shall have the capacity to grow with your data and your business Tom Eburne (2014). Cost and sustainability: Expenses of a company are a factor which needs to be considered in every step of running your company.Equally there is no need to opt for the most expensive software available, if you are unlikely to need much of the functionality it offers. Tom Eburne (2014).By this management system, it will easier for a school administration team to be in touch every day. As a matter of fact, it will be easier for each individual person who is associated with the system to be in touch as per needed.Process of selection criteriaIn this process, determining how to obtain a solution from the various candidate solutions is an important issue. In such uncertain working environments, context information can provide rich clues for problem-solving decisionmaking. This work uses a selection approach to determine an optimized problem-solving process which will assist workers in choosing reasonable solutions. A context-based utility model explores the problem context information to obtain candidate solution actual utility values; a multi-criteria decision analysis uses the actual utility values to determine the optimal selection order for candidate solutions. The selection order is presented to the worker as an adaptive knowledge recommendation. The team chooses a reasonable problem-solving solution based on the selection order.1. Relational Database Management System (RDBMS): Margret Rouse defines RDBMS as a collection of programs and capabilities that enable IT teams and others to create, update, administer and otherwise interact with a relational database.The most common means of data access for the RDBMS is via SQL. Its main language components comprise data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL) statements. RDBMSes use complex algorithms that support multiple concurrent user access to the database, while maintaining data integrity. Security management, which enforces policy-based access, is yet another overlay service that the RDBMS provides for the basic database as it is used in enterprise settings.2. Web based management systemIt is a piece of educational technology that helps you automate everything in your college or schools. Think of it is an all-in-one administrative assistant, finance department, record keeper, and data analyst and report writer for all your needs. It is your most capable companion in running your educational needs and a handy resource in your day to day decision making. (What is online management system, 2018)Recommended solution, with clear justificationWhile more schools are turning in favor of web-based school management system to boost their performance. In this case the best solution for the IT system to be used is the Web based management system which will use distributed database storing all the schools management information in a distributed manner, but executes centrally for all the four schools. (Pratham vision)Since web-based applications can be accessed through any web browser, no desktop installation or updates are required. Moreover, developers, writing great code while staying out of the way are able to use it along the distance, while they stay in geographically different place and collaboration between team still exists, (augusoft)A web based management system is cost-effective development and does not require any excess hardware or maintenance staff. It is easily accessible anywhere: You can log onto your Web-based system from any computer with an internet connection, and access all the system's functions not needing to reinstall the software on every new machine that you do work on. Web based systems are very easy to install and maintain. (augusoft)Conclusion Information technology has permeated in every sphere of life and schools across the world are no exception. In fact, the schools worldwide are using school management system software to make their teaching and administration sharper and more efficient. Applications on use these days are based on the usability and portability and mostly cost effective aspects of an organization. The web based management systems surpass the other management systems based on its better functionalities and benefits to the business.References Mike Morrison, 2016, Brainstorming technique for innovation, creativity and problem solving " a business strategy, Available on: M. Easwaramoorthy & Fataneh Zarinpoush, Imagine Canada, Available on: Dr. Karim Abawi, 2013, Data Collection Instruments (Questionnaire & Interview). Available on: Tom Eburne, 2014, Top 10 considerations when choosing a Database Management system, Available from: Sujain Thomas, 2017, How to Choose a Database Management System Available on: Pratham Vision School management system. Available on What is online management system? Some features you must know Available on: Augusoft, why choose a web based management system. Available on : Magret Rouse, RDBMS (relational database management system). Available on:

Updated: May 03, 2023
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