Systems Essay Topics

Residential Systems

Early PV usage was intended for space exploration and source of energy to power manned and unmanned vehicles in outer space. The search for alternative source of power has given photovoltaic use a spotlight due to the availability of sunlight and noiseless usage. Today, approximately 70% of PV systems are grid based which imposes high… View Article

Stand-Alone PV Systems

Stand-alone photovoltaically powered systems with peak PV powers can have from milliwatts to several kilowatts. They do not have a connection to an electricity grid. In order to ensure the supply of the stand-alone system with electric power also in the times without radiation (e. g. at night) or with very low radiation (e. g…. View Article

Design of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

Water pressure is the energy that powers sprinkler system, so it is very important. Water flow creates pressure which generates energy that moves water through the pipes. Flow is the measurement of water required for the smooth flow of water to perform the required task. But the fire sprinkler requires much needed effort to provide… View Article

Vehicle Interlock Systems

Vehicle Interlock Systems, or “Breathalyzer” are systems of alcohol-control installed into vehicles, with the purpose of prohibiting/controlling driver alcohol consumption. The goal of this invention was to reduce or eradicate the ability and/or frequency of drunk driving on the roads. A breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BIID or IID) is similar to a normal breathalyzer… View Article

U.S Court Systems

The Government of the United States is composed of three major branches; the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch. The Judicial department is responsible for the interpretation of the laws created by the legislative department. Its responsibility as a whole is to act as an arbiter, to oversee that the three branches of the Government are… View Article

Electoral Systems

Various electoral systems exist depending on countries and provisions in their respective constitutions. The best electoral system is the one that accurately reflects the preferences of voters. An electoral system is supposed to convert voters’ preferences into election results. Citizens normally have a right to vote but the definition of the term ‘citizen’ is sometimes… View Article

e-Learning systems

Online learning or e-Learning refers to the application of electronic technology for the delivery of instructional content or knowledge domains. Beamish et al. defines e-Learning as: “. . . a wide set of applications and processes allied to training and learning that includes computer-based learning, online learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration. These services can… View Article

Evading Intrusion Detection Systems

As information technology advances its demand and reliance has increase has increased resulting in numerous growths in development and usage of web site. This technology has resulted to be very beneficial to organizational and institutional prosperity for example world of business has benefited a lot from the so called e-commerce. These benefits have on the… View Article

How Distributed Systems are used today

A distributed system is the one in which hardware and software components at networked computers communicate and coordinate their activity only by passing messages. Examples of distributed systems are internet, intranet, electronic banking, mobile and pervasive computing, sensor networks, network of workstations and mobile computing systems. Distributed Systems have evolved rapidly in the past few… View Article

Exotic Space Propulsion Systems

Mankind has always dreamed of exploring the heavens and in the last millennium he has only scratched the surface of space exploration. The problem lies not in the lack of motivation or the lack of enthusiasm, but rather in the greatness of the expansion of the universe. The universe is a vast expanse of interstellar… View Article

Self-healing Operating Systems

The dependability of computer systems is one of the key issues in the technological era. Our daily lives are currently governed by complex computer systems (Haugk, Lax, Royer and Williams, 1985). Operating systems capable of managing key application on computer systems should be in a position to cope with the increasing rate of software problems,… View Article

Network Operating Systems

Networks are the backbone of most operations in the world today. No matter the size of an organization, there’s always the need to share resources, communicate and exchange data in a manner that is cost-effective, efficient and time-saving. This is where networks come in. A network may be as small as two computers joined together… View Article

Solving systems

Solving systems of equations can be applied to many situations. For example, systems of equations can be used to find the optimal number of items to produce to ensure the highest profitability of those particular items. Systems of equations can be solved by four methods: graphing, substitution, elimination, or with matrices. Which method do you… View Article

Some Systems Theories

The General Systems theory rises out of the human need to live in an orderly, deterministic world. Systemists see the world as a hierarchy of systems ‘from sub-atomic particles to civilizations'(), while other branches of science study the characteristics and the laws that govern specific sub-systems, General Systems theory is a search for the ‘law… View Article

Group Support Systems

Group Support System is technology that is solely designed to spur the work of groups. It can be used to cooperate, compete, negotiate, coordinate, communicate or solve problems. Whilst conventional technologies, such as the telephone qualify as GSS, the term is customarily used in reference to a definite class of technologies relying on contemporary computer… View Article

Global Systems Theory

Global systems theory is perhaps one of the many theories related to capitalism and transnational corporations. This paper attempts to look into global systems theory in the context of capitalism by making use of three articles as part of the literature for the research. By outlining the major contentions for each of these three articles,… View Article

Early Warning Systems

There is a connection between delivery of service, employee training and the employees’ behavior. The research paper undertakes to find out the early warning systems used by low enforcement agencies to identify a problem police officer and to reduce citizen complains. This is a crucial research question for all law enforcement agencies and members of… View Article

Course Management Systems – Moodle

Moodle is an open-source course management system designed to host online courses and facilitate academic interaction between students and their instructors. The program was created by Martin Dougiamas, who formerly worked with WebCT. Because of this the program features many similarities to WebCT, but is more flexible overall due to its open-source nature. Moodle can… View Article

Modern Age

Our world is constantly changing and some say that its better, but some say that it is worse. A famous author, Lynn White Jr. is saying that since the modern age we have had an ecological crisis that is slowly worsening every year. Another author, Immanuel Wallerstein, is saying that our world economy is actually… View Article

What are the uses of computers in defence

What are the uses of computers in defence? See what questions your friends are asking today. Legacy account member? Sign in. Categories Anti-Virus Software Audio Editing and Recording Cloud Computing Computer Aided Design Cydia In: Software and Applications (non-game) [Edit categories] Ads Uses in defense Translate any word into hundreds of foreign languages on 1… View Article

point of sale system

1.0 Introduction Information System Development is an essential part of the implementation of information technology. It is broadly defined here as a process by which some collective work activity is facilitated by new information-technological means through analysis, design, implementation, introduction and sustained support. It also includes activities like project management, quality assurance, and software process… View Article