System Integrity and Validation

Computer assisted auditing tools and techniques CAATs is highly recommend for Kudler finer Foods. The ability to share information with clients and auditor’s is one of the selling points. The main selling point of using CAATs is that every avenue of Kudler’s accounting information system will be reviewed and will ensure Kudler Finer Foods that their system integrity is intacted as well as the validation of the system. In the brief to follow will explain why using computer technology and CAATs makes the best business sense.

System Integrity and Validation

Kudler Finer Foods has come to the accounting firm in search of recommendations regarding the companies, computer information system, automated process of their accounting information system, data table analysis, internal control and risk evaluation, and an audit proposal. Kudler’s recent visit was warranted by concerns of the company’s system integrity and validation. Kudler Finer Foods has an excellent rapport with the accounting firm. The accounting firm will inform Kudler on the selected auditing techniques the accounting firm will use to validate data, and their system integrity.

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The firm will provide an explanation of the functions of the audit productivity software, followed by an explanation of the uses in the systems design. Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques used to Validate Data and System Integrity In today’s auditing world, companies use accounting information systems to manage the companies business electronically. In the past, before computers aided in the organization of business documents, audits were conducted on paper. Audits are performed using Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques (CAATTs) or Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs).

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Computer assisted audit tools and techniques (CAATTs) is defined as the software used to enhance the auditor’s productivity and used to extract data and analysis. The second T in CAATTs refers to the techniques used to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit. The other form of computer assisted audit tools and techniques is CAAT, which has one t. Because this computer assisted audit has one t, the single t represents techniques. CAATs by definition, has the same meaning as CAATTs with the exception of enhanced auditor’s productivity and extracting data and analysis (Hunton, Bryant, & Bagranoff, 2004, p. 78). Using CAATs for information technology audits consists of the auditor’s following 10- steps. Each of the steps will cover a wide area of objectives, processes, and identify different task that need to be performed. The 10- steps to using CAATs will be cover in the PowerPoint presentation. Validating data will be accomplished by running a series of test data to ensure the system is updating and running properly. The test data is made up by the auditor to establish that the results received are the results the auditor is looking for.

This particular type of test will be conducted throughout each of the systems to confirm the each system is working. The integrity of the system will also be tested in a similar style. Testing the integrity of the system occurs in step seven of the 10 step process. Function of Audit Productivity Software Audit Productivity Software aids in the individual auditor’s productivity. Audit productivity software is constructed of five different programs. The five programs start in this sequence, electronic working papers, groupware, ngagement management, reference libraries, and the program document management. Each of these programs enables the auditor’s to complete his or her personal productivity. Electronic working papers were once done manually and can be automated enabling the efficiency of the auditor’s. E-work papers enable the auditor’s to share client’s information and make changes electronically. After the auditor’s have made the appropriate corrections GAAP compliant financial statement can be generated automatically (Hunton, Bryant, & Bagranoff, 2004, p. 179).

Groupware allows the clients and other auditor’s to share the information found using a couple of different programs. These programs are common groupware programs the auditor’s and their client’s use such as Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, and Microsoft Exchange. The other remaining software’s are Time and Billing, Reference Libraries, and Document Management. The remaining software’s are very important. Time and Billing affect the cash flow because business conducted may be conducted in different time zones and need to be billed correctly to receive payment on time.

Reference Libraries are as they sound, company reference libraries store the company’s information is relevant to auditor’s to complete the audit throughout the companies different items. Document management allows the company to save hard copy document to files in the computer that can be viewed easily by auditor’s using the Internet. Audit productivity Software use in the Systems Design Kudler Finer Foods has a strong accounting information system in place serving three different locations.

The industry specific accounting information system used by Kudler Fine Foods would benefit from the use of audit productivity software. The reason the audit productivity software would work with Kudler’s system design is because the information can be easily viewed by their auditor’s and clients using the Internet, reducing the travel time the auditors would waste traveling to each of the three location’s. Conclusion Kudler Finer Foods needs to ensure their accounting information system maintains system integrity and validation.

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