System Analysis Design Essay

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System Analysis Design

This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, the objectives of the study with its two type’s general and specific objectives, hypothesis of the study, scope and delimitation of the study, the significance of the study and the definition of terms.

In part of human life, there are occasions that are traditionally being celebrated by people. Occasion’s that serves already part of them like for example birthdays, debut, weddings, reunion, conference and many more. This occasion’s or celebrations represents important for once life but it would be look more astonishing if this bunch of event were be held simple but with glamour and elegance as how the celebrant or the event wanted to see or look forward to by the people who are involve with it. That’s why there are these Organizing Companies who are out in the Market to serve people to make those events look more even better and possible.

World are now getting technologically progressing and there are this Internet’s and gadget’s nor devices make people work easy and faster. This very much useful and helpful for the Companies to advertize their business throughout Internet and serve as advantage for those who are in online businesses especially for those Event’s and Organizing Companies to publish such very accommodating, friendly and unique website for the company but most importantly is how this website work in for your business if how this can serve people to satisfy not just for your business but as well to the costumer who are inquiring to you.

Handling such particular event and organize it is not an easy work it took a lot of effort, time but most importantly the preparation. And well, it will cost you fair enough. Booking are very particular to us, it is also look like a reservation if the customer is willingly wanted to hire you’re company to serve them. But what can make it better if you can do it booking systematically and technologically oriented? Well, there are big differences between manual and systematic approach especially the part of how it works. And that this study serves to look out what can this do to make your Event and Organizing Company productive, demanding and knowingly unique, accommodating but also industrious. And through that we would like to introduce to you the Online Booking System with it’s freely way. Online Booking System can help to keep transactional record of the client orderly and safe, manage it wittily by the person who has the direct access with the system.


Originated on year 2010, Event Avenue is an event organizing company that caters multiple events in any type of, it would be for corporate, debut, wedding and etc. their office located right at Pioneer, General Santos City beside near Rosver. Event Avenue has this virtue “we can work within your budget” will it very true by just your budget it come out to like elegant. By the way, it has three (3) staff working on field and one (1) left in the office. However, they are small in numbers of employee but the company was very rich having the complete equipment for any events that they venture.

Event Avenue was founder by two (2) siblings Jhoanna Jane and Nerisa S. Javier. The sisters live somewhere in Lagao, Generaal Santos City. The sisters were raise by a Christian Family. The Business could be affected having a Christian owner to establish a very trustworthy company to dwell by the customer.

One thing one the Event Avenue they not very particular of the profit they could gain in the business. They believe honest and trustworthy could lead them more into success for just being appreciated by their customer through their hard work. This would be make a difference having a great virtue in them believing things you do right can make an output of righteous also.

The study will be directed towards the end of the result which solves the following problems, impediments and difficulties encountered with the manual approach: Can the proposed system manage the record of the clients?

Will the proposed system able to secure and keep the records of client transactions? How reliable and accurate was the proposed system compared to manual service of booking? Will the proposed system able to generate hard copy reports?

The main point of study is to create a system which can give specific recommendations of the clients and also to have manageable and organized systematic reference of transactions table. This will enumerate in the following general and specific objectives.

To develop an online systematical system that can organized booking with ease which prove the beneficial in safekeeping of customer records and suits the need of the users.

The study’s main point is the following:
To create a unique commercialized system that let the employees manages and organized the transactions event and put into timetable. To create instant retrieving of transaction regarding through the registered client. To create online booking system that market the products show off the menu packages online with possible descriptions. HYPOTHESES OF THE STUDY

These are the following Alternative and Null Hypothesis of the proposed system which intended to be made.

Alternative Hypotheses
In conducting the study, the proponents would like to show how the system works and resulted to: That the system can be good at accommodation and easy to manage and very productive for the company. That the system brings organize output transaction and keeps records orderly. That the system contributes descriptions of specified want/need of the client.

Null Hypotheses
The proponents differentiate and find evidence to the result of the system consistency to the following: The system can be inoperative if the internet connection is slow and the same with computer used if it’s lagging; it may unsatisfied the client. The specification of output data is just based on what given information but this will be conflicted whether the client backing on the terms or give incorrect information. The system will gone out productive, particular if the client is minimal. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY

The following below are the scope and delimitation regarding the proposed system, if how does will work regardless any limitations.

The following are scopes of the study:
It focuses on the online booking of the customer.
It covers the manageable timetable and presents the transaction at once. It only focuses to managing and saving transaction of registered client.

These are the following delimitations of the study:
Only the administrator or else the person in-charge could see the transactions, can manipulate the any transaction regarding the registered client. The study does not cover the other department such as stock inventory or the user payroll system. Outside from the procedure propose the system cannot operate the other needs of the user.

The study goal is to have a manageable and organize transaction regarding by the event that the company will catered. This is to build a wise and strategic marketing plan to attract customer, quite easily to interact with the client and produce upgradable system as the benefit of the company. To give a categorize transaction of record for company which be materialize by them, helping to contain transaction without difficulty and can easily to determine the ways and need depends the ways the client demands. This is for the innovation of the company processing on the events giving them system to be use and the same time knowledgeable impartation of others gaining the idea and skills to use with.

The following terms below help you to understand more regarding the study. 1.
Online Booking System
It is a web base system which helps to store data given by the client. 2.
Refer as “watchman” of the system whom have the full access of the system, person that can only can see and manipulate the transact data of the system. 3.
Also called as the secondary user, the person who give the data regarding the services given or offered and whom the system is mainly expected to use system. 4.
Software application serve as our database server that loads the entire client transact data. 5.
It is a web internet application helps us to publish the system to the web. 6.
It is a web language helps us to develop the structure and the design of the system. 7.
It is a web developer application where we used to edit the whole design and form of the system.

This chapter presents various articles, write-ups and other related case studies that will serve as guide to the proposed study which is Booking System for the Organize First; an Events and Organizing Company. These
concerned about the indulging and forming of the proposed study.

Building system needs paraphernalia’s to modulate and equip the system functions and to understand how it goes. That’s why we need references for any kind of research. However, there is system function in different industries. The following are foreign literature and this will help us to understand more often our study. Wherever, there are technological advances for individual who in the networking market industries are very much popular and beneficial as well very useful.

Check front Inc is an emerging global leader in e-business tools for schedule based businesses. They strive to build smart, intuitive and powerful cloud based tools that help organizations centralize their business, improve customer engagement, market and sell their services online.

Operating in 22 countries, their customers cover a wide range of service based businesses with the majority in the tourism, hospitality, event and rental industries. Many of their customers have come to them to replace legacy technology, or when looking to scale an existing business. Since their earliest release, or customers have driven our development road map, and continue to shape the product today.

In June 2010, after a very successful beta, we launched version 1.0 of their booking platform. Checkfront utilizes the best of cloud based technologies to offer a state of the art, powerful and flexible application. They has secure back-office management application allows you to manage your business anywhere, and our self-service booking system integrates seamlessly into any website. There are a favorite among development and design agencies due to their ease of integration, adaptable configurations and extendibility. (

The Team behind BookingBug are experienced developers and designers who want to help businesses make the best use of the internet. BookingBug was founded by Glenn Shoosmith who is based in the UK and Gregory Bockenstette who is based in the US giving us a cross-atlantic founding team.

They built BookingBug to help the hundreds of thousands of small service businesses who need to manage their time and to reach their customers more efficiently. By building BookingBug as an embeddable and affiliate driven system from the outset, they’ve allowed many directory sites, social networks, portals and community sites to not only help service-orientated businesses, but to also helps themselves, creating content and potential revenue.

They are always pleased when clients contact them to talk about their specific requirements. If BookingBug cannot already meet your needs, then they would be happy to discuss a customized solution to suit your business. They are always looking for new features that could benefit the widest range of customers.

Direct Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (DCT),
The owner and operator of “Calypso System”, has established itself as the Distribution Network of the Travel Industry. As the technology backbone for all travel related business, Calypso System connects travel operators to distribution partners, handling and processing the supply chain using e-commerce, including e-distribution, e-payment gateway, and online reporting system.

The company started business on January 1st, 2000. Their management and their talented customer service team have vast knowledge in the hospitality & travel industry. Their professional technical team has comprehensive experience in network computing, programming, the Internet and e-commerce industry. Their Mission: Bring the most benefits to the travel industry and the travelers.

As a hub for travel products, Calypso System provides powerful interface, instant online reservation system, and international distribution channel. Portal and travel websites earn benefits from our user-friendly instant online reservation system. Hotel and chain hotels can greatly leverage our sophisticated state-of-the-art technology designed for back office as well as for website visitors. Agents and tour operators benefit from being in e-marketplace where potential buyers have access to them in anywhere at any time.

Calypso System is not a virtual provider. They have their own hardware, software, and networks and the manpower to support the entire system on a global basis. Their professional Technical Support team will ensure that your operation is constantly performing at its best. Their dedicated Customer Service team will cater to your need and provide you with detailed information on all aspect of their system. (

The following are other set of various local literatures. Likewise, to the foreign literature this also serves as reference to determine and scrutinize the ideas between different parties of dignified literature an industry. TNT EXPRESS PHILIPPINE

In the Philippines, TNT Express Worldwide remains the only undisputed business-to-business express service provider. The company began its seminal operations in 1982 with a small office situated in the country’s financial district of Makati. In 1997, the company moved to a 4,300 square meter prime cargo centre adjacent to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The current office has an available warehouse of 1,200 square meters, more than 300 employees, 83 vehicles and at least 115 flights per week. TNT Express Philippines has 2 satellite offices in Makati and Shaw.

MANILA, Philippines — TNT Express Philippines’ innovative online import booking system has expanded its worldwide coverage and now allows regular importers to conveniently and quickly arrange the collection of a document, parcel or pallet from over 170 countries in the TNT network.

Previously, the online service that enables importers to directly control how their shipment is collected, delivered and billed covers 168 countries. The expanded Express Import service, which also allows importers to choose the exact hour or day of delivery based on his budget to control shipping cost, now covers 99 percent of the global economy.

Importers can use the market-leading tool just by enrolling in the service at TNT’s website ( for free. Express Import is live for receivers in 57 countries and is available in 55 languages. The delivery can also be tracked online – and in real-time.

Complementing the online import booking service is TNT Express Philippines’ flexible billing scheme. The importer does not need to send money directly to the supplier abroad to pay for the pickup. Instead, TNT bills the importer in the Philippines in local currency.

Aside from billing in the importer’s own currency, communication in the customer’s preferred language and visibility of cost up-front, the Express Import system provides users only one account number for import and export. The exclusive account is accessible only to importers ensuring confidentiality of import details. Furthermore, Express Import users do not need to deal with different time zones, unlike in the traditional cross border booking or over-the-phone booking. All messages are relayed directly to the sender and receiver via e-mail and not dependent on TNT acting as a third party. The introduction of the new service shows TNT’s commitment to the Philippines’ export-import foreign trade. (


PROVAB, an organization providing value to business, realizes the importance of customization of web services with respect to the client’s requirement. By providing best in class web services in the area of website design & development, web application development, ecommerce solutions, portal development and search engine optimization, PROVAB also strives to improve the client’s capability, thereby helping them achieve their objectives.

Being a leading travel technology company, we provide innovative solutions like online booking system and travel booking system to customers across the globe. By providing best in class web development services & seo services, we also strive to improve the client’s capability, thereby helping them achieve their objectives.

Global Distribution System, as GDS is called, connects millions of providers to provide a common platform for bookings (flight, hotel, packages and cars) to users across the globe. As a leading Sabre GDS integration company, we work on GDS systems and low cost air carriers to provide our clients the comprehensive flight booking system. Whether you have signed for with Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, Travelport or you don’t have IATA agency and want to work with GSA’s or published fares, we offer the best of the solutions to our clients.

After GDS integration with B2B, B2C and Admin modules in place, client would have a robust online travel booking system and would be able to do live bookings of flights, hotels, holiday packages, cars and would also be create agents as well.

IT and Hospitality professionals from 5 different countries founded IAWeb in 1997 to emphasize on the Internet solutions for the Asian Hospitality & Travel Industry. The company now has grown to include offices in Hong Kong, the Philippines and China. This melting pot of experience, fresh ideas, unconventional approach to challenges, and an understanding of your hospitality business needs gives us the competing edge to assure your success with IAWeb International.

This is frequently referred as Global Distribution System (GDS). Our service is an enterprise-wide central reservation system, which maintains a single real time database environment, accessed through all Reservation Channels, may it be Travel Agent, Hotel’s website, Partner websites and other Online Distribution Channels. It is driven by the originating source within the Channel, and is easily managed by the hotel management via the Internet. GDS connectivity lists your hotel with the worlds travel agencies, online via the Internet or directly on the Travel Agent terminals. Customized listing on all 4 GDS (Galileo, Amadeus, Worldspan and Sabre) and as well on the Pegasus online data distribution. Your hotel will have the best booking potential. The fastest and most reliable CRS available – rates and availability update in seconds.

Our support team completes initial set up of your hotel’s GDS listing with industry approved descriptions and rate plans. We custom load your photos and ensure that your rate plans and room codes match the requirements of each GDS channel. Once live, your reservations staff can easily manage the database via the Internet with easy to use menus. Our support team is as well available to assist during business hours.

The Global Distribution Systems (GDS) have long been the main tool for travel agents bookings in the world. Today these systems do much more than supply content rates and hotel inventory to thousands of On-line Travel websites (OTA). When you visit a Travel Agent you will see consultants working at their PC’s finding and booking flights, hotels, resorts, car rental and much more. All from the one computer screen.

Distribution systems (GDS) continue to be the backbone for travel agents, in-house corporate travel departments, and many of the Internet distribution systems like Travelocity. They deliver rates and availability information for travel covering air, hotel, car rentals and many other travel products. The information is delivered to the travel agent, so that it appears on their desktop computer using special software to search, display rates and book. (


This chapter presents the explanation of the research method that are used; the research methods and instruments, the procedures of how it will conducted and gathering all information data needed in the case study, and the respondents of the study. This may also present the system Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).

The Research and Design is consists of information from the company we proposed in. As the completion of the study to apply in our proposed system we’ve interviewed the staff to get information using the methods given through surveys and interview. Prior to the development of the system, we conduct research through online, planning, brainstorming; sharing the ideas we have in mind to determine the best and effective idea to use for the development of the system.

The researcher used several of following methods and instruments in gathering the information data for the study: Brainstorming – the method that we use to gather the information and ideas from the other people who have knowledge and ideas regarding about our system. Choosing title, we bit confused of what title we should choose but prior to all prospected themes of systems we come up to choose car wash inventory and online booking. Yet we fall out in online booking system; the system approved by. Letter – for able to invite the prospected company to be the subject of the case study and able to have the approval of the prospected company, we use letter to make it formal and perfectly proper just to show respect but among other things is to be responded also by through letter. Interview – this way conducting interview to the prospected company for the sake of proposed system will be beneficial to the researcher to gain related informational data that can be used to the proposed system.

The researcher bought with him a pad which contained questions talking about the company’s history that will soon serve as bases in designing the study. Online Research – these serve as the main source of gathering information data in constructing the making of the system because along the way of creating the system we need other references that will give bases and that are related in the study. Survey Questionnaire – it is a chain that full of questions used and given to several individuals who has direct connection to the company; this will help gather information data that will serve as guide to meet the satisfaction of the prospected company of the proposed system. Documentary Analysis – The proponent studied the transactional records of the company, the preceding records and the performances of the active employees.

The following are the step by step procedure in conducting our research: First, the researchers discussed by sharing their own ideas to make title proposals. Second, the researchers deliver it to the teacher and make him choose the made titles. Third, the selected title must have a prepared proposal letter and to be submitted to the companies related on the study and wait for their response that they are approving. Fourth, the researchers must prepared some guide questionnaires and survey questionnaires as a tool to gather initial data to a company that will approve the proposal. Fifth, the researchers must start doing the documents about the company that was approved with them. Sixth, the researcher must start designing the system forms and windows according to their objectives. Seventh, the researchers starts putting a codes to the design for it to function well and can store data that the hospital neede. Eighth, the researcher tests the proposed system if it runs well or has a problem. Ninth, if the system experiences an error the researchers must start debugging the program and start testing again until there were no more bugs in the system.

On our study, they were four respondents that approved our study. First, the respondent whom is the person-in-charge in the operation of the company and so the person we’ve explained about the goal, objective and other concerns of the system studied, followed by the other three staff which are the people in-charge in the field operation like person in-charge in technical, production and designing which are the persons we asked through surveying and interviewing them, introducing to them the proposed system.

We start conducting our interviews and surveys the things about what are the things we need to do and the things which are they suggest to put on the system just to be effective.

This chapter talks about the design implementation of feasibility of the study, operational feasibility, technical feasibility, economic feasibility of the propose system. The benefit of this design implementation is to impart knowledge to all the users to aware the software and hardware capability implementations of the propose system. This system implementation could help the Events Avenue to have their transaction upgrade and manage orderly.

The feasibility of the study is all about online booking process introducing it through the company Event Avenue bringing upgrade their transactional process manual into systematic approach to how it will do manages and organize their any transaction.

The main objective of the study is to develop a system which can give a big benefit into the Events Avenue in terms of their services through making their transaction become systematic by keeping their data manage orderly and can be helpful to the clients and the same time to the employee of the company having a transaction online and keep the record safely without hassle to input it manually.

These are the factors that could affect and relates the performance of the system that must be considered. The hardware and software were the main consideration for the functionalities of the system to avoid such difficulties and malfunction of the system. The following technical requirements must be met in order for the effective work of the system and the error may be lessened:

Recommended Requirements
Intel – Core 2 Duo – 3.0 GHz
Hard Disk
Video Card
Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset

Minimum Requirements
Intel – Core 2 Duo – 1.0 GHz
Hard Disk
Video Card
Ati radeon

Software Requirements
Software Name
Operating System
Windows 7 or any OS
Front End
Firefox or Google Chrone
Back End
MySQL Server 5.5

The Economic feasibility of the study is to estimates the corresponding and possible amount that should state while implementing this proposed system while working out on it from the designing, documenting and to implement it in the company chosen.

The cost of the system was simplified based to the resources while making the project and the benefits identifies that using this computerized system it can give options of services and cater multiple user/client using the internet and could initialize transact records easily that may help the employee identify their suppose task ahead. Both can help the client and employees; for the client may just use its internet to access and the employees it can lessen their work and effort.

Meeting with the clients.
5 hours consumed
1 hour consumed
Search for the recorded files.
15 minutes consumed
5 minutes consumed
Closing with the deal with the clients.
10 minutes consumed
5 minutes consumed

Cost Estimate
Web page design/coding/debugging(42days)
(42x 500) Php 21,000.00
Finalization of site(22 days)
(22×500) Php 11,000.00
Php 32,000.00

This part of the proposed study discuss about the prospected user of the project which later may use the simple online booking with its transactional data usage, to perform to managing and organized transactional event. There are two distinct prospective users and that are the following stated below: Prospective Client User. – The prospective Client User it is refers to the client whom will register for the service of the company. Administrator –The Administrator it is refers to the person who is in-charge to the position to update the transaction form and can have the full access to manipulate in the website. IMPLEMENTATION

For enable to produce an effective and very useful product implemented to Event Avenue pioneer, General Santos City, the proponent put up a various procedures to let this study successfully implemented. The proponent considered the internet which it was acted the main point or the main base of this study and network connection which this study will work.

In order for the system to run, it needs WAMP acted as the database of the system or the system memory and as well the back end of the system and also Dreamweaver a web developer application where we edited or made our system design using the PHP language and also hosting to publish the system in the internet. TESTING

The testing is the process where you could check your system before its implementation. Through this kind of process we could identify the flaws of the system. This is one of the requirements needed to specify for a quality output of the project.

Testing is very important securing the implementation of the study to checking up looking for various threats of errors. And scrutinize it if the program runs as it is which it base is was in the internet before it being uploaded and use.

We strictly suggest and are reminded about the hosting of the system for it will run online and check up your computer for viruses and you must back up the file of the transaction of events for the safety proper of not losing data to secure transaction from malicious malware or any viruses.

Curing is better than prevention and to cure failure and other future and other difficulties always check your data print it and back up it for avoiding the record lose.


The proponent conducted interviews, surveys, went to research, surfing to internet to gather data information regarding to the information must need by making the study. Also, proponent takes some advises and suggestions from the adviser added to the needed data for the study. On the way of planning the study, we undergo so many stages of steps and methods such as the background of the study, statement of the problems, objectives, importance, significance, scope and delimitation of the study. As well, taking some related literature regarding about the proposed study. After all of this methods the testing are followed for the implementation of the system thereby for if the study is whether successful to implement. The proponent used Dreamweaver PHP and WAMP machinery for the making of the study. Upon after installing the various systems, we abruptly build the form of the study and the needed attachment for the implementation. This will be the basis of the proponent to determining successful implementation. And also, the proponent not just talks about the outcome of the study but also the possibility of encountered errors by implementing the study successfully. As the proponent trying our best to produce a better outcome for even though it is not that quite easy.

In regards to all the data that gathered especially from the data surveys along with the questionnaires in the respondent Event Avenue – Pionner, General Santos City, therefore, we conclude that the Study can give the Administrator an easily operation and knowledgeable outcome of better manageable transactions, that the study can give the Event Avenue a better and convenient work regarding to how the operation going for newly approach of systematic process that the technology can give, that the study will give Event Avenue a profitable and beneficial process that certain IT industry can modify and upgrade. We as the proponent want that this online booking system become upgradable and well develop so many can benefit through this kind of system and so many will be satisfy by it works and lessen the hardship regarding the manual transaction with the clients. However, it should need the personal interaction with the clients.

As the proponent of the system, we intend to have a system which is beneficial to the users and helpful in terms of transacted records. To improve the quality and performance of the system and as well the security and the reliability of the system can give to the users. This propose system can be improve by developing its features and its transactional data recorded, creating more sequence regarding the design and transaction handle or catered by the system letting the user enjoy the capability and fullness of the system.

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