Automating Linux and UNIX system administration Essay

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Automating Linux and UNIX system administration

In a broad spectrum, system administration automation refers to the process of automating tasks that system administrators may perceive to be repetitive. Automation is either done through specialized software or scripting. Automating tasks is of great significance to a company as it ensures human related errors are prevented and more importantly it saves money and time. Automating various administration tasks will help streamline company’s daily operations. Example of a system administration tasks that can be automated and implemented using VBScript include, security sweeps, group and user maintenance, disk usage scan and patching (Campi, Bauer, & Bauer, 2009).

Essentially, automated patching software using VBScript can help manage complex or rather compound infrastructures into simple and single interface. Basically, windows and linux in most cases performs automated tasks or rather updates (Campi, Bauer, & Bauer, 2009). However, if a company wants to have more control over patches being received by its systems, automating the patches through VBScript is essential as it ensures efficiency and convenience. Automation of patches is possible with the presence of a patch manager that ensures management of patches that sort them into urgent and less urgent.

Usually, an automated patch involves running the VBScript with a reboot. However, the simplest way a system administrator can automate patches is through invoking the windows or linux updates process thereby generating various outputs (Campi, Bauer, & Bauer, 2009). VBScript essentially ensures that windows patches are auditable and reliable in any windows updates process. In conclusion, automation of system administration tasks is critical to any given organizations as it ensure smooth operations especially those that are repetitive.


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