Symbolized and What it Meant to America Essay

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Symbolized and What it Meant to America

Though the negative preconception of the general American public was the widely carried message of newspapers before and during the early days of the said event, this is not what was covered by Colliers article since it was released during the last day of the event already. Therefore, what the article presented as the sentiment of America for the event, in the context of what happened during the supposedly last day of the event, was that of respect and commendation over the behavior of the hundred thousands youths who attended the event.

This is exemplified by the same paragraphs in the previous page that Collier used to convey a positive image for the event. If we are to extract the American sentiment over the event from those few that were interviewed for the article, it could be viewed that America was surprised by and approved of the behavior of the participants, which was characterized by astonishing courtesy, order, and harmony.

Coming from an explicit expectation of negative behavior from the youth who were going to attend the event, it could have really been such a pleasant surprise to America that the youth was able to rise above all their preconceived notions. However, it would be also reasonable to imagine that along with the positive perception of the American public over the relative success of the event was the concern over what was revealed the prevailing culture of drugs among the youth.

With the reports of the event showcasing how drugs adversely affects the health of the youth and even lead to death and how the youth blatantly welcome such practices and even treats it as a culture, there is little argument that the rest of America who are not part of the said generation and culture is worried over the possible results of such a phenomenon in the long run. Thus, basing from Collier’s article, it could be said that America’s perception of the event could have been a mixture of both positive and negative things.

Positive in terms of respect over the triumph of the American youth in staging such a peaceful display of unity, and negative in terms of their concern over the impending effect of the youth’s blatant drug practices. However, the respect for the youth and their generation’s culture that has been planted by the event in the hearts and minds of the American people is something that could not be erased for generations to come. A. What the Event Symbolized and What it Meant to America In Collier’s article, what was portrayed as the symbolism of Woodstock for those who participated in it was “an incredible unification” of people.

Woodstock, for the youth who attended it, was the fulfillment of their thrilling expectation of being able to meet strangers who shared their practices, beliefs, and culture. The event was also a fulfillment of the youth’s eagerness to experiment with drugs along with all the other people of their generation. This is based form a paragraph in Colliers article . As for the rest of America who were not there at Woodstock and who were not part of the culture that Woodstock fostered, the event could still have symbolized a positive thing.

For them, Woodstock could have been a symbol that though the youth of America have been practicing a culture entirely different from that of the previous generations, that does not mean that the generation was of no good. Woodstock could have well been a symbol that the youth of that day deserved to be respected for being the beautiful people that they are and for the beautiful things that they are able to do, beyond the prejudice that they have been faced with. For America, Woodstock could have meant that where their youth puts their heart into, there would also be peace, harmony, and beauty.

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