Symbolize the problem Essay

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Symbolize the problem

Firstly, the designer is required to conduct a thorough research about the product itself and its unique selling proposition. He will then decide the selling style of the product, be it hard or soft sell. The type of appeal will also be chosen for the body copy from a selection of emotional to logical appeals. The main components in print ads are headline, visual, body copy, slogan/taglines, action call (address, phone no. , etc. , if required) and the logo of the brand.

The designer, employing a divergent thought process as opposed to convergent, will need to the creative thought process steps, namely, orientation, preparation, analysis, incubation, synthesis and evaluation. The designer having gathered all the components of the print ad must pay close attention to the principles of design which are balance, harmony, emphasis, rhythm, contrast, repetition, etc. He must execute and save his designed ad using appropriate software and format for user-friendly viewing by the client. 4. From any chapter in the book, select an ad that contains a visual.

What is the visual’s purpose? How would you improve the visual if you were the art director? Brand Name: IFB Home Appliances. Original Visual: Lady dressed in an elegant evening gown, with a stylish hand bag wearing rubber gloves, having scrubs and plates in hand. The visual’s purpose is to promote elegance associated with their appliances. Revised Visual: A smiling housewife, watching TV in her kitchen with her feet propped up, dishwasher in background encircled red. The revised purpose of the visual is to promote comfort. 6. Choose an ad you don’t like. Rewrite the headline using three different styles.

Brand Name: GARNIER FRUCTIS (Long & Strong) Original Headline: It’s got to be strong, if you want it long. 1) Revised Headline using rational appeal: For hair that’s longer, it has to be stronger. 2) Revised Headline using emotional appeal: Now others can envious of your hair. 3) Revised Headline using fear/anger appeal: Do you look at your hair brush after you comb? 8. Give examples of television spots that typify the eight major types of TV commercials. 1) Demo- the TVC demonstrates quicker accessibility to Nokia game with trimmed nails. 2) Show the problem- TVC for Durex Condom, child creating havoc in the supermarket.

3) Symbolize the problem- TVC for Coke, child placing together cans of Pepsi to get to Coke. 4) Symbolize the problem- TVC for Maytag, showing complaint centre where the phone never rings, worker sleeping because they don’t get complaints. 5) Comparison- American Beeper ($ 1. 99) versus Motorola Beeper ($7. 99), better quality. 6) Exemplary story- Public Awareness Campaign (speed limit), for driving not more than 30 miles/hour within suburbs. 7) Celebrity endorsement- Tiger Woods endorsing Nike. 8) Testimonial- TVC for Best Buy (a public awareness campaign for turning mobiles off when watching movies).

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