Symbolism Is a Teaching Tool

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Symbolism, defined by Mr. Vandegrift, is “a person, place, thing or event that has meaning in itself, but that also stands for something more than itself.” In shorter words, something that represents something else. Symbolism is a teaching tool. It teaches that there is more to things than we realize. For example, a river, it can be fast, slow, smooth or bumpy. There can be barriers that stop it or it can just flow. The river symbolizes life. Another common example is dark and light.

The darkness symbolizes evil and all things bad. The light symbolizes good and all things good.

I got the privilege of taking an eight week course on C.S Lewis. I read, The Great Divorce, The ScrewTape Letters, The Weight of Glory and other Addresses, Mere Christianity, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and did a deeper reading on A Grief Observed. Those were the best eight weeks of my life. In the book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe there is so much symbolism and is a very good example of it too.

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Honestly, I had never read the book, I had only seen the movie until that class. When you only watch the movie you just watch it. But when you read it you understand it.

In the book it is clear that the lion is Jesus and the witch is satan. The lamppost that is always there represents a guiding light for them to come back to the kingdom. The main characters represent apostles or different characters in the bible.

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The most interesting symbol is the actual wardrobe. I was taught that the wardrobe symbolizes coming into a new world. Like what happens when a person starts to read the bible. You could even go as far as saying when they get baptized and come into a new world.

The lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is actually an allegory for christians. It is about the lion, Jesus and the witch, satan and the four kids who go through a wardrobe into this new world, the christian life. I think it shows the battle between good and evil. For example how Edmund betrays Aslan for his own selfish desires but in the end comes back and receives forgiveness and the goodness of Aslan. That is exactly what normal people in the world do. We desire things that do not please God and we take it upon ourselves to get it and once that desire is something that we do not want anymore or it harms us we turn to God and ask for His forgiveness. Although The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is an allegory and it is a fictional children’s book. There are many symbols in there that can be seen. .

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