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Essay on Symbolism

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Symbolism in Two Views of the Mississippi

Sometimes we behave like tools which don’t know what are they dealing with. We just do what we get used to do and have to do. It seems that we are made to do special things like robots. We every day drive the same ways to our work while we are loosing the beauty of trees or sunshine or mountain. Sometimes even our emotional roles in our life makes us forget the main reason of those roles. Like t...

Short Story The Mummy's Foot by Theophile Gautier

The line 'such as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton,' (Poe) is repeated throughout the story to describe a sound. It is inferred that the sound is the old man's heart, being heard from across the room and later from under the floorboards. However, the only heart anyone can hear beating, without help from medical instruments, is their own. The speaker must be hearing his own heart then, beatin...

Symbolism in Dillard's Essay Living Like Weasels

Throughout Dillard’s essay she uses key phrases such as “ingested”, “latch on”, “grasp”, “plug into the pulse”, or even “jaws”. All of these are phrases that allude to the segment earlier in her essay about the weasel that fearlessly latches onto the throat of an eagle, refusing to let go. These phrases create an extremely clear and even somewhat violent scenario, but they ar...

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Analysis of Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tales

Here he is simply a boy, who is afraid and incompetent. The male image was diminished while making woman appear strong and confident. Reversing the roles only emphasizes how both men and women are unalike. Every version of Little Red Riding Hood has been influenced by the people and ethnics surrounding it, as well as the time period. Its morals and lessons still can be used by the current generati...

Roald Dahl's Book Lamb to the Slaughter

She has apparently been completely blind to these events and has been being led around to this ultimate severance of her marriage like a small fluffy animal to be killed and served with mint jelly. Having the murder weapon just so happen to be a leg of lamb, it is also a symbol of the lamb retaliating against the force attempting to take its innocent and light. Patrick Maloney, however, could also...

Childhood in A Poem A Smile to Remember

In the last stanza the goldfish dies. The reader can clearly envision the dead fish “they floated on the water on their side, their eyes still open”. To return to the symbol of the fish being the mother, the reader’s viewpoint now gets completely turned upside down. It is not as simple as it looked – the poem is not about abuse. It is about a frazzled woman who tried to keep an even more b...

The Gospel Book of Durrow vs. The Coronation Gospels

4 The symbol of Saint Matthew is different in some way in every culture that had him in their Gospel book. His symbol of the man was created in each culture based on the time period and culture influences. The Hiberno-Saxon culture portrayed Saint Matthew as a man, but only included basic human parts and didn’t use any types of Roman art techniques to make the picture life like. On the other han...

Friendship in The Shawshank Redemption Movie

This is similar to the mental state of many of the prisoners, especially Brooks. Brooks has been in captivity for far to long and has grown used to the walls that have surrounded him for many of years. Originally the prisoners hate the walls. Then they get used to them. Eventually they come to depend on the walls. Their lives in the prison become cracked and worn. At times these walls do provide s...

Symbolism in Hardy's Neutral Tones

Hardy’s description of the natural world at the end of the poem, ‘Your face, and the God curst sun, and a tree,/And a pond edged with grayish leaves.’ is very blunt and mostly monosyballic symbolising blankness, as if Hardy’s feelings are numb. This contrasts greatly with the much more emotive and descriptive language he used at the beginning to depict the same objects. This change suggest...

A Poem of Nissim Ezekiel Enterprise

The pilgrims even come to doubt the very worth and significance of the journey. It seems to them to have been meaningless and futile. All their noble aspirations are forgotten, there is sorrow and suffering on every face, and they are conscious of the fact that their actions have neither been great nor even. Efforts to escape from the realities of human existence are futile. We must accept the lim...

Individualism Issues in Short Story Blue Against White

Lena does not want to be different anymore. She decides to go to the city and there she goes to school. Hoping for a new life and no more standing out, Lena easily gets disappointed. She learns that even if you move to a place with a higher population, you can still be alone. After coming to terms with herself and realizing that the city is not what she expected, Lena goes back to the reserve. She...

The Definition of Avant-Garde

In our performance we used the music of Massive Attack, 'Teardrop' which is about a foetus in the womb, we chose a poem about sacrifice, change and love, and we took the form of a foetus making the journey from womb to world. Visually our performance was simple; we combined movement and drama, with the poem being read over the music. Although simple because we had five different people displaying...

My Favourite Song Mr Tamborine Man

The cleverness of the language is that people can read almost anything into it, the most basic example being Mr. Tambourine Man, who can be seen as anything from a drug-dealer to a religious man to Bob Dylan himself. Another reason that the song has such a hallucinogenic feeling is the structure of the song. The verses are made up of what appears to be many individual concepts put together, like a...

Interpersonal Relationship in Malamud's The First Seven Years

Throughout Malamud's short story, he uses symbolism, setting, and epiphany to help develop the theme for the reader. Just like Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare's most famous tragedy, Sobel struggles for several years in order to eventually be with Mariam. Even knowing of Feld's aspirations for Mariam, Sobel continues to share his feelings through the books. By the end of the short story, Feld real...

Literary Devices in Cut Grass

The repeated reference to white also serves to show the two sides of death; while it is pure and innocent, it is also melancholy. By personifying death, Larkin shows that though one can evaluate death from different perspectives, it inevitably returns to the unfair and merciless nature of death. He also mentions "chestnut flowers," "white lilac," and "Queen Anne's lace," three white flowers, to re...

Explication of a Poem Siren Song by Margaret Atwood

"Alas it is a boring song but it works every time", says the Siren in the final stanza. Her song, her cries for help - they all have been a ploy to lure in her next victims. Maybe, her promise to reveal her secret was kept, after all. Perhaps her secret was the fact that her song will always work. She describes her song as "boring", and seems almost amused with the outcome of her trap, as though h...

Tone Analysis of Charles Dickens' Novel

The tense times of the revolution are revealed through the author's use of diction. As we rapidly learn that "it was the very best of times, it was the worst of time" it is revealed how the individuals reside in time of "despair." The times of love, hate, and oppression display how people that lived during the revolution were required to live. People were dissatisfied with the aristocracy, and the...

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner By Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Its' simplicity and flow make the story of travel an interesting read. Maybe Samuel Taylor Coleridge himself was following his "Hermit's" order to release his guilt by writing this poem, and telling it to his readership for his own personal penance, or maybe it is just a lyrical ballad created from his vivid imagination. Nonetheless, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner succeeds in making the extraordi...

Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin

'' This very cup highlights the troubles and uncertainty Sonny currently has in his life. It symbolizes Sonny's effort to redeem himself of the suffering he has caused and endured. Given its unique structure, "Sonny's Blues stands out as one of Baldwin's most critically-acclaimed works. Collectively, the elements of the story paint a picture of the atmosphere during one of Harlem's renown periods....

Critique of Pilobolus' Dance of Symbiosis

The dancers danced in an open space creating enough room for each other to roll, toss and twirl their bodies around one another. The floor patterns created by the dancers as they traveled through space were mostly large and circular moving from one level to another. The tempo of the dance moved to slow then fast then slow again representing the changes in time through out the dance. The lighting w...

Symbolism in Poems The Lamb and The Tyger

The irony of this question is its answer – yes. When extended, this line could also mean that both good and evil exist in the world – both created by God. It implies the choice that man has to choose good over evil, or vice versa. Mankind must learn to live with and accept both. This is the dichotomy that is spoken of earlier and alludes to the archetypal and eternal battle of good versus evil...

Relationship in A Poem The Bean Eaters

One of Brooks’s uses of imagery, which triggers the sense of sight, in the poem was when she talked about the couples living conditions and all the things they possessed. In the readers mind they could visualize a stuffed room of belongings. Brooks displays how the two elder people are content with what they have and they don’t care for any expensive belongings because the riches they possess ...

A Novel Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler

The “straight lines” symbolize Ian’s life before he forgave himself not able to put his own “… judgment and personal opinion” in things because he felt guilty for what he did to his brother and was afraid to do anything like it again because he was so traumatized. After he forgave himself he was able to do the “bow-back chairs and benches” because he is able to use his opinions. He...

Symbolism in a Movie Death And The Maiden

It does not say too much about the ways of reconciliation, and what is more that even if it does so it feels like an analytical dead end. Because it says that no matter in what ways you try to set yourself free of trauma, by revenge or by forgiveness the outcome will be the same, Roberto or his phantom will always be there. This provocative nature of ambiguity forces the reader to look for new ex...

Reflection on Ethical Values and Symbolism in Poetry

Likewise, Robert Frost impeccably regulated “Nothing Gold Can Stay” (Frost, 1969) to communicate symbolism with a classic form of consonance that is painless to identify. Both literature icons fine-tuned those components with figures of speech, personification, and tone and themes, rhyme schemes, and other literary techniques all requiring immense, prior critical thought in “Nothing Gold Can...

Symbolism in Patrick Suskind's Perfume

All the girls were symbols of innocence in one form or another, different ingredients for the ultimate scent. The roles of these girls were to create the hunt for Grenouille, as the plum girl began his quest and Laure brought it to an end. It was only through the quest and these minor characters did he create his recipe for himself and came to self-realization. It was through the quest that Süski...

Hymn To The Aton and Psalm 104

We are not sure at this point how the works are linked, [While scholars disagree on which group influenced the other into embracing monotheism, it is clear that a cultural exchange occurred between the two groups. Thus, this realization of the similarity is another example for scientists and anthropologists showing that cultures have always exchanged ideas. This exchange of ideas becomes even more...

Analysis of Hemingway’s Character Santiago

Moreover, the marlin was literally eaten by the evil that beat Santiago. However, the marlin’s head remains as a symbol of the great struggle—and even the evil sharks could not take that away. Overall, Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” is a tale of immense struggle, both between man and nature, and man and his place within nature. Santiago is like the marlin that he attempts t...

Analysis of A Novel Sula by Toni Morrison

When the birds’ tragedy hit the bottom and Sula came back. Throughout the novel Sula, the reader is taken into the lives of the black community in the times when racism was an everyday life. We see life through different eyes and how their own lives are affected. Toni Morrison, uses symbols throughout her story to suggest different things to the readers. Sulas’ birthmark, the use of fire, and ...

Undying Message

Going back decades ago, we were under the martial law led by Ferdinand Marcos, the archenemy of Ninoy. Everybody before looked upon Ninoy for he was the only political actor that readily questioned Marcos and therefore took the hearts of the people. And with his death, the people’s cry for democracy was only empowered to the point that everybody was swayed by his ill fate. Scores of students, te...

The Correlation Between Behind Story and Symbol in Shelly’s Ozymandias

From story that become behind story of the poem we know that the life of Ramesess that so arrogant and make so many history cite in Egypt that become sign of his powerfulness dynasty tried to keep what he get in the world without afraid to the god. So, in the end he was dead because we know that all human being will dead and we will left what we have such as wealthy, pride, throne and everything t...

Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood

LRRH then eats and drinks what she thinks is meat and wine before the wolf eats her. In other versions LRRH escapes by telling the wolf she has to go outside to relieve herself. Thirty-eight variations of the tale are reprinted in Zipes's anthology, along with a raft of illustrations from books and advertisements. At the back of the book he lists 147 published versions of the story, including rete...

Symbolism and Metaphors of A Midsummer Night's Dream

The flowers can metaphorically make people feel compelled to fall in love and are also capable of crying and feeling shame in this play. Cupid is portrayed as a controller of love. Just like love, Cupid is a young boy who is irrational. He is a child with a blindfold and wings, ready to take aim randomly, causing people to be afflicted with love. The moon, flowers, and Cupid are the main themes of...

Allah Is Not Obliged

The point is that our parents were only supposed to give us life and what we do with it is up to us, for we may not know how it’s going to turn out. We can’t base life on relationships with others because people will always let you down, one way or another. Allah/God will not/doesn’t have to tell us every move he makes on earth but we will know after he moves. I think the objective of these ...

Ophelia's Descent Into Madness

The obvious becomes just that when the aim of the author is discerned through the symbolic congruencies and events which precisely outlined the tragic decline of Ophelia's character. The author provides a vast amount of foreshadowing in the early acts. The tragic hero then drags her into the same hell that is his personal realm. He accomplishes this by eliminating everything that had sustained her...

Analysis of A Poem The Great Morrow

Within only 21 lines, Donne is able to capture several external ideas and weave them seamlessly into the poem to expand the scope of these lovers’ experiences. He has also used these devices to illuminate the psychological response that these two make to the discovery of their new love. The romanticism they express is also revealed through the use of poetic diction and allusions to such absolute...

“The Stolen Party” by Liliana Heker

Rosaura's reaction at the end of the party clearly proves us that she all the time thinks that she is invited because she is friends with Luciana. She is sad to realize that she is, in fact, different from the others, that her mother is right all along and that there is a social distinction between the rich and the poor. It is now that Rosaura knows that she is a maid like her mother. She sees tha...

Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay Book Review

A major symbol in Mockingjay is the “Mockingjay.” Katniss represents the Mockingjay, which symbolizes the rebellion against the Capitol. The jabberjay was a bird that was used by the Capitol as spies but was compromised by rebels. The Capitol had realized they were being fed false information by the rebels and were left alone in the wild where they mated with mockingbirds hence the name Mockin...

Metamorphosis Eating Scene

Does your thesis make it clear that you would be addressing how Kafka uses literary devices in an eating scene from Metamorphosis to reveal meaning in that scene? Did your thesis end asserting how the meaning in that scene is related to the meaning of the novella? -This wasn’t marked on my Turnitin GradeMark, but I feel that I had failed on my thesis. I didn’t really address what my essay was ...

Theme of Adolescence in Red Hunting Hat

The fight that Holden has with Stradlater is about Stradlater going out on a date with Holden’s friend Jane Gallagher. Holden gets upset with Stradlater for doing that because he thinks that Stradlater will cause Jane to lose her innocence. After Holden puts his hat on he stops thinking about Jane’s innocence and about his face, a more rational, less emotional subject. This also verifies a ver...

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