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Symbol Uniting All The Australian Struggle English Literature Essay

In the essay Survival, Margaret Atwood says that “ every state or civilization has a individual unifying and informing symbol at its nucleus. ” ( Atwood, pg 31 ) Atwood goes farther and says that “ the symbol – be it word, phrase, thought, image, or all of these – maps like a system of beliefs which holds the state together. ” ( Atwood, pg 31 ) Now, this informing symbol is largely depicted through the plants of literature of that peculiar state or part. In this peculiar instance, four Australian plants of literature were read in order to find the informing symbol for Australia.

The consequence of the analysis of these four plants concludes that battle is the “ consolidative and informing symbol ” of Australia.

Now, battle is a really wide subject and hence, it could be divided into two chief classs. One of the classs includes physical battle. Physical battle seems to be a often repeated construct in many plants of literature, particularly Australian plants. For case, Blueback, Breath, The Spare Room, and The Book Thief, all seem to be seting much attending on this subject every bit good.

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After analysing a modern-day fable by Tim Winton, Blueback, one can reason that physical battle is so talked about in Australian literature. In Blueback, Abel is a 10 twelvemonth old male child who loves swimming. Due to his age nevertheless, he is unable to respond to state of affairss really rapidly. This is why when Abel was swimming with his female parent in the ocean, he realized that he was running “ out of breath.

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” This is when “ he kicked back to the reflecting surface and hung at that place puffing fresh air ” ( Winton, Blueback, pg 14 ) . This would most decidedly be considered physical battle for a really obvious ground: Abel was physically fighting to acquire “ fresh air ” and last. This would besides be considered physical battle because Abel was physically in action in order to forestall himself from the possibility of submerging to decease. Not to advert, if Abel was non able to make the “ shining surface ” on clip, he could hold drowned. Traveling along, in Tim Winton ‘s Breath, physical battle is besides a often mentioned subject. For illustration, after Bruce Pike had gained witting in the infirmary, he recalled his experience of the swim he had done earlier that twenty-four hours. “ Drowning. Drowning. Contending it. Submerging. ” ( Winton, Breath, pg 122 ) This was how he had described it. If one was to analyze this, one can state that Bruce was decidedly fighting physically in order to last. As he described it, he was “ contending ” in order for him to remain alive. Similar to Abel ‘s instance, if Bruce had non been physically active, he could hold drowned. Furthermore, in Helen Garner ‘s The Spare Room, Helen besides struggles physically. This is because after taking attention of Nicola for three feverish hebdomads, Nicola wants Helen to take attention of her for a spot longer. Helen nevertheless, says that she can non. She says, “ I ‘m worn out. I ca n’t travel on ” ( Garner, pg 183 ) . By understanding Helen ‘s place, it would be safe to state that Helen is physically fighting every bit good. The chief ground behind this is the fact that Helen is non able to “ travel on ” any farther. Another possibility is that she is non physically suit any more in order to take attention of her friend, a friend who is enduring from the last phase of malignant neoplastic disease and has been with Helen for the last three feverish hebdomads. Furthermore, physical battle is besides present in Markus Zusak ‘s The Book Thief. This is because after passing some alteration to get off her letters, Mama found out that money was losing. Not merely that, Mama had besides found out what Liesel had done with that money. However, “ before she could reply, [ a ] wooden spoon came down on Liesel Meminger ‘s organic structure like the pace of God. Red Markss like footmarks ” were left, “ and they burned ” ( Zusak, pg 99 ) . After construing this state of affairs, one can state that Liesel was literally fighting physically. This is because Liesel was hit with a “ wooden spoon ” for making something that is n’t even much of a large issue. Not merely that, the “ wooden spoon ” had left “ ruddy Markss ” that “ burned ” her. Overall, after the reading of the points presented, one can state that physical battle is decidedly present in Australian literature.

Apart from the fact that physical battle is one of the classs of battle, emotional battle is the 2nd. Like physical battle, emotional battle is besides a often repeated construct in Australian plants of literature. Similarly, Blueback, Breath, The Spare Room, and The Book Thief, besides put much accent on emotional battle.

After construing the fable Blueback, one can reason that emotional battle is decidedly a major subject in Australian literature. This is said because when Abel finds out that his female parent is being harassed twenty-four hours and dark by business communities who want to take their belongings, Abel gets angry. As Abel says, “ those work forces did n’t understand that a topographic point is n’t merely a belongings. They did n’t see that Longboat Bay was a life to [ my ] female parent, a friend. And possibly a hubby to her every bit good. ” ( Winton, Blueback, pg 66 ) This is decidedly emotional battle. This can be concluded because Abel ‘s female parent was emotionally attached to her house. Her house contained memories of her dead hubby and this meant a batch to her. She did n’t believe of her house as a topographic point to merely populate. She had given her house a character and an individuality. Therefore, it was difficult for her to emotionally get the better of the fact that business communities wanted to take her belongings off. In Breath nevertheless, when Bruce ‘s male parent passed off, he wondered why his female parent would put beside his male parent ‘s cadaver. “ How did she bear it, lying beside him, abandoned, [ and ] listening for his return? ” ( Winton, Breath, pg 45 ) This is what Bruce would state to himself. After analysing this, one can quite literally see that Bruce ‘s female parent was emotionally fighting. She was likely happening it hard to get the better of the fact that her hubby is dead. This may be the ground for why she would put “ beside him ” and listen “ for his return ” . If non already obvious, Bruce ‘s female parent is indirectly denying the world every bit good. She does non desire to believe the fact that her hubby will ne’er “ return ” . This is decidedly emotional battle. Traveling along, in The Spare Room, during the three hebdomads of Nicola ‘s stay, Helen started to believe of things when she had already forgotten about them. One of these things was the being of her long-gone female parent. As Helen says, “ I saw [ Nicola ‘s ] bare pess on the carpet and idea of my female parent, how she would clean up after me when as a kid I had what she called ‘a biliary onslaught ‘ . I remember her forbearance in the center of the dark, the cherished minutes of her attending, in the house full of kiping kids who had usurped my topographic point in her fondnesss. In a enchantment of gratitude I would watch her spread the clean sheet across my bed, stretch it level and tuck in its corners, doing it nice once more for the disgusting, seamy animal I had become. Without repugnance, she would pick up my dirty sheets in her weaponries and bear them off. ” ( Garner, pgs 39-40 ) After associating what Helen thinks and does, one can state that Helen is making precisely the same thing as her female parent. When Nicola wets the bed at dark due to her vitamin-C overdose, Helen changes the bed sheets merely like her female parent. Whether she admits it or non, Helen is besides fighting emotionally. Even though she had tried to bury about her female parent, she unconsciously did precisely the same thing. The ground behind this may be the fact that Helen was non able to bury her female parent at all nevertheless, she merely did n’t desire to confront the truth of her female parent ‘s absence. Not to advert, when Helen realises this, she does go emotionally unstable every bit good. On the other manus, in The Book Thief, the state of affairs is a bit different. After the decease of Ilsa Hermann ‘s boy, Ilsa had been faulting herself. She thought that she was the cause of his decease. However, Liesel got fed up and said to her, “ it ‘s about clip you faced the fact that your boy is dead. He got killed! He got strangled and cut up more than twenty old ages ago! Or did he stop dead to decease? Either manner, he ‘s dead! He ‘s dead and it ‘s hapless that you sit here shuddering in your ain house to endure for it. ” ( Zusak, pg 262 ) Both Ilsa and Liesel had lost their household member through some kind of force. However, Liesel was able to get the better of this. Ilsa on the other manus kept on thought that she was responsible for the decease of her boy. Like Bruce ‘s female parent, Ilsa kept on denying the world and thought that she was responsible for his decease. She was decidedly fighting emotionally. Overall, due to the groundss provided, it is clear that emotional battle is a immense portion of Australian literature.

Geting back to Margaret Atwood ‘s point of a “ consolidative and informing symbol, ” in simplified footings, Atwood meant to state that every state has a symbol that represents the elements of that specific state or part. After analyzing all four Australian plants of literature, battle is proven to be the “ consolidative and informing symbol ” for Australia. These four Aussie works include Blueback, Breath, The Spare Room, and The Book Theif. Besides, this was proved by contracting down the wide subject of battle into two chief classs: physical battle and emotional battle. However, the fact still remains the same. Struggle is so the “ consolidative and informing symbol ” at the nucleus of Australia.

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