SYM Company Profile Essay

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SYM Company Profile

MITSUKOSHI MOTORS PHILS., INC. (MMPI) was established in 1998. Prior to the entry of MMPI in the motorcycle industry, the market was dominated by Japanese brands. It was Mitsukoshi MMPI who pioneered the introduction of Chinese Taiwanese motorcycles in the Philippine market. In November of 1999, Mitsukoshi began its business ties with Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd. of Taiwan (SYM). SYM isa household motorcycle brand in Taiwan where it grewits popularity through its Jet model.

In November 1999, MMPI began its business ties with one of Taiwan’s leading motorcycle brands, Sanyang Industry Co (SYM). MMPI successfully penetrated the Philippine market through the popularity of SYM’s JET and Shark scooter models. As MMPI’s market share continues to expand, MMPI made business ties with the Chongqing LIFAN Industry Group Ltd of China in 2000 in order to meet growing demand. This successful venture further enabled MMPI to serve the growing Philippine market demand with a wider product offering.

In 2000; to meet the growing demand of motorcycles in the market, Mitsukoshi tied-up with Chongqing LIFAN Industry group Ltd. of China. This venture allowed MMPI to provide a wider product offering to the Philippine market. MMPI created EUROMOTOR in June 2006 in order to establish a Philippine motorcycle brand. Popular brands such as Euro DaanHari 150 and Euro GTX 150 gained a warm reception from the local market. In June of 2006, in order to establish a Philippine brand motorcycle, Mitsukoshi creates EURO MOTOR whereits units are supplied by Lifan and Meido manufacturing companies of China.

Motorcycles units such as Euro DaanHari 150 and Euro GTX 150 gained a warm reception from the local market. MMPI is enthusiastic of the tremendous potential of motorcycles and scooters in the Philippine market. MMPI manages more than 400 exclusive Retail Outlets and Showrooms nationwide. As MMPI’s market grows, it is determined to provide for the transportation needs of the Filipinos while providing them with affordable and quality motorcycles in the years to come.

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