SWOT Analysis Of Mary Kay And Avon

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Mary Kay is a privately held company which is engaged in direct sales of skin and color cosmetics products The company operates in more than 35 countries . Its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. It employs more than 4500 people. The company generates more than $3,000 million annually. Mary Kay is a privately held company and does not publish its financial statements.


Mary Kay’s products are scientifically created and is approved by the FDA to clean, protect and enhance the skin. Product safety is their highest priority, and the company will conduct test to ensure the safety of the products.

The company will staff laboratories with experts in the field of toxicology, pharmacology, microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry, as well as board-certified dermatologist and ophthalmologists. The company will not use any ingredient until it has been proven safe and effective, and will go beyond what is required by law for product safety (Brown). The company will train Individual Beauty Consultants and provide, Career Conferences, Seminars, Leadership Conferences, and Special retreats to help the consultants to become successful salespersons (How do I get started) (Jones, 2009)


Mary Kay relies on Individual Beauty Consultant experience in sales of direct selling profits.

Most customers wish to receive their products when the item has been purchased. Time constraints, prevents some customers from purchasing. Most people begin selling to the family members, but when they have exhausted sales to their family they have a hard time reaching out to the public for sales and creating new Individual Beauty Consultants.

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Mary Kay products specialize in offering skin care for the family, protection for the youth, and skin care for men. The company employs women and men to gain extra income and the creation of a business. The company has the opportunity to expand into to a global environment. The growth of the company will produce a prosperous economy and help the cosmetic industry. Mary Kay offers a reward program that will encourage and enhance the Individual Beauty Consultants with gifts that create competition from their profits that every woman would enjoy, like cars, diamonds, and vacation travel. The largest offer is that this company is recession proof.


Compete against competitors like Avon, who have years of experience, who caters to mostly young women Color Me Beautiful who engage in the same clientele and pricing. Customers who pose a threat of law suits with questions of safe products. Sagging economy that will prevent purchases that will create a loss of revenue. Mary Kay’s company is designed to meet the needs of women. The business infrastructure is developed to teach, encourage women all over the world.

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SWOT Analysis Of Mary Kay And Avon
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