Swot Analysis for Singapore Giordano

Giordano is a well-known company in Singapore with the long year service of retail apparel. Most of the clothes from Giordano are on Casual wear for all range of ages, which are value-for-money merchandise. Giordano shop location always near to the neighborhood for the convenience to their customer, there also some shop in the city area. Giordano have a total of 46 shops in Singapore. Giordano has perfectly focused in the value-for-money concept and everything they do is managed at a world-class standard.

Giordano have total of 5 brands in Singapore which are: Giordano, Giordano Junior, Giordano Ladies, Giordano Concepts and BSX. This is to cater the difference need for Singapore and foreigner.

Giordano targeting on the unisex casual cloths for male and female which they also will keep a close update on the latest trendy. Giordano also have their fashionable clothes, which are the brand shop of Giordano Ladies and Giordano Concepts stores.

Giordano cloths all come with all kind of sizes from XXS until XXXL, and also which a lot of nice colour for consumer to choose.

Giordano also come out cloths with same design but difference type of cutting for difference body cutting of consumer and a wide variety of products. Giordano really out to satisfy their customer with all cost.

Giordano do have a policy for customer to exchange their cloths no matter how long, as long the cloths are brand new with tag. Giordano also provide Hemming service for pants and jeans free to their customer.

Employees of Giordano need to go though the 12weeks training on the “GIO PROGRAM” learning plan.

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All employees are well knowledge on the product and are able to explain to customer what is the product sell and how to provide to high standard of service. Giordano invested a lot in the POS terminals that are used to record and transmit flows of stocks to a mainframe computer, which then aids in controlling stock flow of inventory. Singapore Giordano competence lies on the use of information technology (IT) to fully support its international logistics system. Therefore, the company can see how their individual products perform, or even at stores at a glance.

IT also supports Giordano Singapore efficient procurement. Giordano also has a good infrastructure, which are distribution nationally and internationally. Giordano also having outlets available in People Republic china, HongKong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, middle east etc. With a global presence of 2000 stores, Giordano has grown into one of the leading retailers in casual apparel and goes from strength to strength in the Middle East. This infrastructure shown that Giordano are having a strong in their Finance.

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