?SWOT Analysis for Classic Savory

SWOT Analysis for Classic Savory

Strengths: 1. Classic Savory offers different kinds of food that they offering to their customer when looking at the menu. The order of the menu is excellent and arrange accordingly to their categories, a very easy way to recognize the food that a customer would order. Pictures of the food itself were also placed in the menu to add attraction and interest of what kind of food they are serving. 2. The quality and taste of the food itself is very delicious, you would come back again and again to them.

One of it is their classic chicken; the specialty of Classic Savory that you can order it classic or buttered.

Distinctive Competence: The most selling food is the classic chicken; people are craving for their chicken even at a high cost. They will continue doing the best quality and taste of when it comes to their special menu and more variety of foods those customers are willing to eat anytime.

Waiters should be more approachable in dealing to their customers when ordering and request from them. Core Capabilities: The competing menu in other restaurants is their 99 pesos meal where you have a meal and drink already, but it is only available during Monday to Friday. In this plan, they will not run out of customers during week days.

1.I could say their first weakness is the price of their food. Savory’s food is very expensive for the people to buy. Example: 1 whole chicken of Classic Savory chicken cost approximately 400 to 500 pesos which that price you can buy one bucket meal of KFC .

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It has already rice, fixins, drinks, and 6 pieces of chicken. 2.The service of Savory is quite slow; it takes 20 to 30 minutes before the food arrives. When it comes of requesting to get your bill, it also takes time and they will ignore you when you need the waiter. 3.The table is a bit crowded inside savory which the waiters have difficulties to move.

Opportunities: The business of savory is continuous and smooth, so it is recommended to renovate a bigger space to have more customers and offer them a better service give to them. Savory have a chance to compete to other restaurants with their best service when it comes to food and have time to think of another food that they would offer for the customers. Foreign customers are also coming and ordering to Savory that proves that Filipino Foods are delicious and it is the best ( For me!  ) Environmental Scanning

As I observe to the place where the Classic Savory located, there are no near restaurants in the place, but there are stalls, DQ, and semi-restaurants that surround Savory. It is easy to be spotted because the people are mostly passing by and located at the ground floor of Robinson’s Manila. When it comes to the restaurant itself, it is a bit crowded and small.

I could say that the possible threats of Savory are Max, KFC, and Bon Chon. Why? Because their special foods are chicken which that is the special food also of Savory. For Restaurant level is the Max and two fast foods; KFC and Bon Chon.

The threats that I have mentioned are far from Savory. The 3 threats are located at the top level of the mall. There is no possibility of forming a Strategic Group will form that will threaten the Savory. In case, there is a spy near to Savory that will observe their procedures, services, quality of food, strategies, process and services which can be reported by their competitor to form an idea and strategy to downfall Savory.

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?SWOT Analysis for Classic Savory
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