Swot Analysis Company Essay

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Swot Analysis Company

4. SWOT Analysis

The overall evaluation of a company’s Strengths(S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O) and Threats (T) is called SWOT Analysis. It is a way of monitoring the external and internal marketing environment.

4.1. Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

This analyses the internal environment of a company. According to our comprehensive observation and analysis, the following Strengths and Weaknesses of Mini Co-op city are identified.

4.1.1. Strengths

• As the cost of living is relatively high, this cater to low income earners by providing commodities at controlled prices, which results in lesser price fluctuations.

• Samurdhi beneficiaries receive stamps of Rs.240, Rs.340, Rs.540 per month to purchase commodities.

4.1.2. Weaknesses

• Lack of parking facilities.

• The name board is not attractive and eye catching.

• Arrangement of goods and layout is ineffective.

• Display has not been utilized in correct manner and the eye level shelves are empty. • They are practicing the sales oriented concept, not the marketing oriented concept.

• No marketing and promotional effort.

• Lack of staff and currant members are not enthusiastic.

• The place in which outlets are located is not convenient.

4.2. Analysis of Opportunities and Threats

This analyses the external environment of a company. According to our observations, we identified following Opportunities and Threats of Mini co-op city.

4.2.1. Opportunities

• Existence of a network of branches and opportunity to further expand it through government fund allocation.

• With terrorism coming to an end and achievement of peace, ability to capture new North and Eastern market which attracts relatively low competition.

4.2.2. Threats

• Limited availability of funds.

• High political influence and change of political parties will affect entire policies and practices.

• Higher competition faced retail sellers and well organized chain of supermarket

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