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The SWOT Analysis at Colchester Zoo

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 3 (550 words)
Categories: Swot Analysis, Zoo
Downloads: 16
Views: 55

The strengths at Colchester zoo are:

Colchester zoo has become number one zoo in the South East of England,

Where it attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world.

All of these visitors love to come to see the famous baby Elephant, Elephants have babies every forty years or so, so this is your chance to see a baby Elephant for yourself .

Another Strength at Colchester zoo has to be that the zoo is reasonably priced; the zoo is priced for an Adult is �13.

99 and for other concessions are �7.75.

Another Strength at Colchester zoo is that the zoo is good transport linked; all the main roads lead to Colchester, so it’s easier to get to as well.

Finally what else is a Strength is the African Zone.

The African Zone has all the animals from Africa where they gather up into a big group of animals.

The weaknesses at Colchester zoo are;

Colchester zoo has become a reduction in number of group sales such as;

There Toy Shop at the end of Colchester zoo doesn’t earn a lot of money because they sell their products for too much, such as;

For a little stuffed toy cost over �10, etc.

Another weak point at Colchester zoo is space;

They need to enlarge the zoo, because just after visiting the African Zone, there is a massive space with nothing there, so I think that will be a good idea to move some animals over to here or buy new animals.

Finally what else is a weak point is that it has no sister companies to offer promotions such as;

* Trade animals

* Help with customers

* Special offers

* Price

* Promotion

* Trades

The Opportunities at Colchester zoo are;

Colchester zoo as been given T.V documentaries increase interest such as; like the show what Colchester zoo is like with the new baby elephant and special offers on the tickets and telling you about the zoo is number 1 zoo in South East.

Another opportunity for Colchester zoo is that children get more interested in conversation such as zoo keeper for the day or pets corner.

They also give different times for when it’s feeding time for the animals and the bird show (summer days only).

The threats at Colchester zoo are;

The RSPCA campaigns sometimes inspect the zoo just in case there are sick animals or like the baby elephant that has just be born.

Another threat would be the potential threats of diseases such as FMD that could spread around quickly between both animals and human beings.

Another threat would be London Zoo; a lot of people would think that London zoo would be good because it’s in the capital of England so people would go to this to think that it will be good.

Another threat would be the weather such as;

If it was raining, no animals will come out and all the customers won’t come because of the bad weather affecting the animals.

Finally another threat would be that all the trains from the South East such as;

The train service only runs from Southend to Colchester so all the people every where else can’t be able to get to Colchester zoo by train, no unless the travel to Southend first.

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The SWOT Analysis at Colchester Zoo. (2020, Jun 02). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/swot-analysis-colchester-zoo-new-essay

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