Swot analysis Essay

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Swot analysis

STRENGTHS  It successfully projects Indian philosophy It attempts to highlight traveling facilities It projects governmental concern over safety and security of the tourists  It exploits visual and print details of Indian wildlife, social and cultural hotspots  It’s backed by the Tourism Department of India WEAKNESSESS  It completely ignores the upcoming tourism market like medical tourism  It fails to promote Yoga and other ancient Indian healing and spiritual development techniques separately It fails to promote ‘word of mouth’ campaign  It fails to create a USP which is essential for branding and positioning.

It fails to exploit the 300-year old Indo-British relationship OPPORTUNITIES  Huge Market of medical tourism is growing rapidly and it deserves to be the nodal head of the entire campaign  It has the scope to exploit the upsurge of new age culture, which is a revival of ancient Asian techniques to maintain well being  It has the scope to embed far more attractive packages by embedding sophisticated medical treatment or ancient healing/well being facilities with sight-seeing  It can exploit the British sentiments over colonial architectures in India THREATS.

Other Asian countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia are gearing up towards promoting medical tourism. These countries have already popularized the Buddhist or Chinese/Mongoloid style of healing and well being techniques, which too is a part of the New Age Culture These countries possess quality infrastructure While SWOT attempts to summarize the pros and cons of Incredible India Campaign, the issue of branding India in the global tourism market needs one vital approach to achieve its desired outcome, and that is, to review this campaign from the framework of branding technique.

IV. Analysing Incredible India from the Perspective of Branding Branding works as an invisible tool, which creates a situation where the name of the company/organization would trigger all the stimuli in the customers instantly. Thus the journey of a product together with branding would look like below: Figure – 1 The figure above evokes a few basic clarifications about branding, before this system can be incorporated in a company, where are the issues are: 1. Definition of Branding 2. Importance of branding 3. Brand equity 4. Brand loyalty 5. Brand awareness.

6. Brand value 7. Brand personality IV. 1. How Incredible India can create a strong brand India As Mary Brown, a creative director of Marketing Angel would prefer to define ‘brand’ as a “term that has evolved to mean the enduring emotional association one has with a particular company or product” (McCall, 2003), the famous copywriter and ad agency founder David Ogilvy would prefer to go into a detail – ‘brand’ is an “intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, price, its history, reputation, and the way it’s advertised” (Brand, 2008).

In short, brand could be anything like “symbol, words, or mark that distinguishes a product or company from its competitors”(Brand Definition, 2008). From this perspective Incredible India needs to review its name, packaging, price and its history and modify it concerning the current demand. IV. 2. Definition of Branding “Branding is the sum total of a company’s identity – from its name and logo to every piece of communication”(Brandguru). Thus, the campaign in discussion needs to have multiple views on the definition of branding to have a comprehensive view, besides choosing the right one applicable for restaurant industry.

“Branding means starting with your values and beliefs, projecting these into everything you do, and going forward from there”, says Susan Dunn, the EQ Coach (Dunn, 2007), while some would prefer to say, “branding is generally used to describe the company’s visual identity” (Branding, 2006). “Today’s modern concept of branding grew out of the consumer packaged goods industry and the process of branding has come to include much, much more than just creating a way to identify a product or company”, observes Dave Dolak (2001), a branding professional and an author.

Thus, the successful branding of India should be able to 1. Deliver the message clearly. 2. Confirm the credibility of the company. 3. Connect the target prospects emotionally. 4. Motivate the buyers. 5. Concretize the user loyalty (Lake, 2008). In any case, overall branding can “also stretch to a logo, symbol, or even design features” (Bizhelp, 2008). Taking cue from the above ideas, this can be said that branding is an attempt to create a wholesome bonding between the company and its customers:

Figure – 2 The diagram above clearly shows that branding literally bonds the customer with a product in several ways – the end result of which brings in secured sales for the company. This amply proves the significance of branding in the life of a company – if it wants to grow more; it cannot do without branding, from this perspective Incredible India has to focus more on emphasizing emotional bond with UK through exploiting the earlier history of close communication.

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