Swot Analysis

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Swot Analysis

The aim of this report is to put together a SWOT analysis for Avis Singapore, to recommend how it can increase its share market to compete better with other car rental companies in the Singaporean market and identify other external forces that can affect the whole car rental market in Singapore. Avis is an internationally recognised car rental company, it is placed second in the world and fifth in Singapore and identified as a strong brand. Avis opened its first location in Singapore in 1972.

Throughout the 70s Avis grew steadily in Singapore and in the Asian region, with other operations launched in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. More recently, developments have included openings in India in 1999 and China in 2003 (Avis 2011). Avis originated in the United States of America, with the slogan ‘We try harder’. This means that Avis is doing its best in customer satisfaction on its way to achieve in the market. Even though Avis sounds invincible, it is facing so many factors in the market that serves as a hindrance to its growth in the Singaporean car rental market.

These forces include car ownership in Singapore, public transportation infrastructure, off-peak cars, low barriers to entry and car renting for business purposes. Additionally to the aim of the report, market positioning strategy has to be identified for Avis. Positioning strategy refers to the choice of target market segment which describes the customers a business will seek to serve and the choice of differential advantage which defines how it will compete with rivals in the segment (Doyle, cited in Brooksbank 1994).

To identify whether Avis can be able to identify its unique strengths as compared to other companies in the market. In addition if it has the ability to make sure its customer needs are satisfied better than its rivals or the same. This needs a clear understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing Avis, which is achieved by a very committed company, competitor and customer market analysis.

SWOT analysis is defined as, “An analysis that identifies the internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats in relation to an organization” (2010). As soon as a positioning plan has been finished it is put into action by bringing together the right marketing mix. “The popular four P’s definition of the marketing mix is: Product, Price, Promotion and Place (distribution), with each “P” comprising a set of decision elements which together defines the firm’s offer to its market” (Brooksbank 1994, p. 10).


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