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1. STRENGTH Marry-brown is Malaysian base fast food restaurant chain accomplished and maintained. One of the strength is they are high-standards food providing that oversteps opponents’ offerings in superiority, presentation of food, and price. As we can see marry-brown restaurant food presentation is unique and different from others. They try to differentiate between their product and the opponents’ product. For example they come out with Malaysian popular dish which is nasi lemak and curry mee. This dish is not available in other fast food restaurant like KFC and McDonalds. The Marry-brown’s owner manages and running business has a combined 32 years’ experience working in the restaurant industry. Their experienced in manage the restaurant has make the workforce become flexible and high committed and very critical in making Marry-brown more productive, effectively and efficiently.


In several factors, Marry-brown comes out with their own weaknesses that we discovered. A main weakness is administration teams’ several years of experience may embrace norms that minimum amount of risk taken, and thus, prospective revenues. It can be seen when their cultural norms that make some of the teams still not moving take a risk. This can be defined as the administration team just follow what they have because they ignore to accept a new routine or new perspective. Thus it will effect on their revenues because they did not want to be flexible to variations in market trends.

Other factors are low employee’s turnover. Their employees as we can see is just still the same person and the number is less compared to other fast food restaurant. The lower number of employee can make their restaurant to be ineffective in produce something. They are not come out with different ideas to make the restaurant to be more productive.

3. OPPORTUNITY Meanwhile, to ensure that Marry-brown company become more establish in future, they have to enter to the opportunity or chances to them. One of the opportunities is the rapid growth in tourism aspect. As we know tourism field brings more revenue to local restaurant and country revenue. This opportunity should be grabbing by Marry-brown in order to ensure that their revenue is increase. One of the ways to grab this opportunity is by opening a new branch in tourism places like Langkawi, Malaca and many more. Besides that they also can have a wide promotion to the foreigners and local visitors.

Besides that, Marry-brown also can upgrade some of its restaurant setups at lavishing locations to attract more customers. It can be defined as the management should upgrade their services and their restaurant look to ensure that the restaurant more attractive to the customer to come. As we can see children loves to eat fast food, so that the management should provide the facilities to the children like playground in the restaurant. It will attract the family to go to the Marry-brown restaurant.

4. THREAT The key opponents, like Burger King, Old Town, Wendy’s, KFC and any middle-range of sit-down restaurants are the main threat to the Marry-brown restaurant to operate more productively. A wide existence of this fast food restaurant have make Marry-brown to compete with them in order to ensure that the profit will be increase and the restaurant name is well known. Marry-brown should come out with the good strategies and plan and also the promotion to attract more customer to join and feel the taste of Marry-brown menu.

The economic recession will be a big threat for Marry-brown. As we know, all big company will facing over budget or does not achieve the sale for that year. The government will lose a lot of money cause of policy and shareholders. By the way, economic down turn actually come suddenly without notice. Substitutes also will be a big threat for Marry-brown. Malaysia has to fast food restaurant. Any fast food restaurant that comes out in Malaysia will always be the substitute for Marry-brown. They have to be always prepared in this threat to ensure that their customer still trust and loyal to Marry-brown.

* PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES As usual, company may have faced the problem or challenges if they want to enter the new market. The Myanmar market is also fraught with many risks including political, legal and so on. First and foremost, Myanmar has a different culture from the US and Europe. The way the Myanmar people carry out their business tends to differ from the foreigners. Hence, cultural differences are always the root of conflicts and disagreements between the overseas companies and the locals. Language barrier is a huge issue for many foreign companies when they want to enter into the Myanmar market.

Most of the locals in Myanmar are unable to communicate in Myanmar and many foreigners are unable to speak the Myanmar language. One must be able to understand what the other party wants before conducting a business. Thus, more foreign companies would need the help of interpreters and translators to communicate with the locals. However, being able to speak the language does not mean that the party will be able to converse effectively. The Myanmar people may work using their own language but they also inculcate their values in their business.

An effective translator would not only be able to speak the language but must also be familiar with both the people culture and that of the foreign companies as well. The Myanmar culture may seem to be full of complexities but as long as one is familiar with it, one can understand the essence of those values. For example, the Myanmar value respect and trust and thus, those values are very important when the locals carry out their business. As the Myanmar aspects are very respectful of others, they would tend to seek others’ opinions and advices before making a decision. Thus, a normal business meeting in India may take longer than a meeting in another country.

If the foreign investors do not understand this, they would think that the Myanmar’s decision making process takes up a long time. However, the Myanmar people are not indecisive but rather respecting the view of others. Thus, Marry-brown would need to develop their network if they would want to expand in India. The Myanmar business culture is very different from the norm that foreign companies are familiar with. However, once they start to appreciate and understand the local culture, the foreign investors can have a good collaboration with the locals and develop their enterprise at least in third world country area. In addition, Marry-brown may face the problem with exit barriers. It is difficult to frame an exit strategy for companies in Myanmar. Often have to lose out on a lot of money if they eventually decide to pull out. Politic risk and economical also must be consider by Marry-brown.

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