Swimming is a Perfect Exercise Essay

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Swimming is a Perfect Exercise

The contemporary society is characterized by a laid-back lifestyle and unhealthy habits. Because of the advancement made in transportation and technology, people are getting less exercise and fat burning activity. In addition to this lifestyle, people nowadays had been dependent on the popular fast food meals because they are relatively cheap, fast and convenient. With these changes, increase in unhealthy population has occurred and people have been more prone to various diseases because of this unhealthy way of living.

Thus, the need to find ways to keep the body healthy has become more important than ever. As such, engaging in swimming is one of the ways to keep someone healthy. Swimming is a sport that is enjoyed by everyone. It is also a form of leisure that most people do during summer trips and vacations. Aside from being a recreational and leisure hobby, swimming is also the best form of exercise that is beneficial to man. Swimming is a good exercise, especially to people who have physical limitations and find the other forms of exercises uncomfortable and painful.

The buoyancy property of the water cushions the stiff joints and muscles that may be injured in performing land exercises. People with disabilities like arthritis engage in water exercises to improve their condition and relieve the pain caused by certain exercise activities (Samataro, 2008). In swimming, many parts of the body are being moved and exercised which includes the shoulders, back, abdomen, hips, thighs and legs. Even the person’s breathing is improved through swimming (Samataro, 2008).

It is also a perfect cardiovascular exercise and to those people who have not done so much exercise. Swimming renders various health benefits and is an efficient and effective way in strengthening the body, improving the muscle tone in various body parts and also improve breathing and cardiovascular system. Swimming is for everyone, even for pregnant women and elderly whose movements are limited and some routines may be painful. Thus, swimming is truly a perfect exercise for everyone regardless of age, gender and physical conditions.

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