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Sweden today Essay

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Sweden today

I choose to ask how many hours per day instead of week because it’s easier to count. It’s always easier to ask teenagers about their habits, the easiest way is always the best way! My aim with this survey is to give an overview of how much we use the English language in Sweden and I am also going to find some disadvantages and advantages with the television. I will go straight to the diagrams and let you see the results so you always can be able to look up and see the results and draw your own conclusions when you read my discussions.

Discussion The aspects I think is important to look on are: The big overtake on English programs and all the hours people are watching TV, is it good or bad? As we can see, most of the people prefer English programs. If it’s good or bad depends on which age group you are asking I think it is like this: The middle age is very neutral but the majority likes English programs. Most of the teenagers like English programs. The pensioners like Swedish programs as a rule.

I have only asked people in the teenage group as you see on the results. The thing I want to point out is that this survey is must suitable on teenagers. Is it good or bad to look at English programs? I think it’s more than good because you learn a lot watching English programs although you don’t even think about it. I can also draw the conclusion that it is important to learn the English language especially for the future, because the language is growing.

I can’t find any disadvantage to learn the English language but I think that the older generation wants to conserve the Swedish language. They are scared that it will disappear with all the English programs and also all the loanwords we take from the English language. Is it good or bad to watch more than 2 hours a day on TV? I think that depends on which TV programs you look at. Educational programs are a matter of course good to look at especially English education programs then you learn the language and also get well-informed.

But there is a limit. Like many other things you also need exercise to keep fit. Bad health could be a big problem with all the staring on the television. Investigations have showed that the bad health is a big problem in Sweden and one cause of that is the TV. The conclusion I can draw is that it is good to look although television but there is a limit and it also depends on the health of the person if the health is low the person got to look less on TV and exercise more.

So it’s booth advantage and disadvantage to look on the television according to me but the advantage has the majority. How do I learn the English language? Most of the English that I have learnt comes just from movies and programs even I don’t realize it. It’s a matter of course that the basics and grammar come from the school. But I think speaking English fluently comes from movies and television programs. Another important source to the English language is of course to be in an English speaking country.

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