Sweatshops Case Study

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There is no denying that sweatshops are disgusting, unsafe places to work, complete with even more unfair pay and essentially zero labor laws. However, sweatshops provide a much better working environment than most other jobs available in these poor countries. Working long hours, sewing and making other consumer goods, is much more safe and sanitary than working the corner as a prostitute. Those against sweatshops are very concerned with the safety and health of these workers. I highly doubt that prostitutes use condoms with every, if any, of their clients; and anyone that has ever been to health class knows how dangerous sexually transmitted diseases can be.

Kristof mentions in his article, that although they are not the best of jobs, a factory is much better than looking for trash in a dump. Factories provide a much more stable income than hoping to find a pound of plastic that can be traded for five cents. America believes that it can do anything.

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While we are a strong country, it is nearly impossible for our government to actually shut down every single sweatshop in the world. We would have to convince every other country to also boycott the consumer goods made in these factories. Instead, America should focus on helping to regulate them.

If sweatshops were forced to follow labor laws and required to provide their workers with a decent minimum wage, this issue, would frankly not be an issue. Rather than just shutting everything down, the American government would be much better off using their energy to really help the poor people that work there.

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Without sweatshops, those people have absolutely no income, and regardless of how you obtain your money, feeding your family is better than losing a child to starvation. Furthermore, to argue that without sweatshops these workers could find better jobs is incorrect. If there were “better” jobs available, why would they choose to work in a factory to begin with? They would simply be unemployed. Safe jobs with fair pay and reasonable hours are what anyone would dream of. One of the countries that provide these things is America. However, if we are so concerned with helping those people that have horrible, unfair jobs, why is it that a large portion of our country is against immigration? The people that immigrate from Mexico to become gardeners or janitors are simply trying to escape poor working conditions and find better paying jobs. Their goal is simply to make a better life for their families.

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