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Swatch Makes Time for Luxury

1. What role does the consumer’s culture seem to be playing in Swatch’s marketing strategy?

The role the consumer’s culture seems to be playing in Swatch’s marketing strategy can be divided mainly into three categories.

* Lifestyle (Swatch’s trendy fashionable watches giving value proposition and addition to the product purchased). * Status symbol (Swatch’s High end luxury watches which were specially designed and hand made products adding to customer’s Status). * Gender (Swatch targeted both Men and women by having a joint venture with Trinity Jewellery and for Men who were more involved in recent trend and fashion ).

2. Explain, in terms of internal consumer processes, why Swatch puts so much emphasis on marketing communications.

The company has various communication strategies to measure its brand loyalty among consumers as well as getting a regular updated feedback for improvement of their products. This can be a medium where in the company tests the acceptance from the customers for new launched products, before it actually hits the market.

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3. Under what circumstances would the decision to buy a Swatch watch be a high-effort decision? A low-effort decision?

A high effort decision would be made when company is willing to exert a lot of time and mental and emotional energy in making it. Also while taking a high effort Decision Company has to motivate itself to expose itself to lots of information, analyse it critically and form attitudes about it. Whereas, low-effort decision company would not expect considerable information search, deep processing of information, and enduring attitudes and memories for that information.

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