Swarovski Study Case

* Nadja continues to foster links with the film industry, first established when Swarovski provided the crystals used to make Marilyn Monroe’s gown for her rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to the American President * Collaborations with top costume and set designers have resulted in Swarovski crystals being featured in films including James Bond, ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’, ‘The Young Victoria’ and ‘Black Swan’, to name but a few.

Collaborations have also ensued with the music industry and Swarovski crystals have appeared in the shows of Kylie Minogue, Beyonce and Madonna * Swarovski has a long heritage within stage, screen, lighting and fashion dating back to 1895.

From the time Audrey Hepburn dazzled on screen wearing the famous Swarovski tiara in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Christian Dior designing Crystal Aurore Boreale, our best selling crystal colour to date, we truly feel that we are master cutters and experts at what we do.

We are constantly looking to challenge the status quo and work with designers from ever-evolving industries that are on the cusp of cutting-edge creativity * In 2007 Swarovski formed a partnership with electronics giant Philips to produce the “Active-Crystals” consumer electronics range.

This includes six USB Memory keys and four in-ear headphones, and in 2008 they included Bluetooth wireless earpieces for the brand, all with some form of Swarovski crystal on them as decoration. In 2010 Alno Inc created knobs and pulls for their “Creations” Crystal Collection with decorated Swarovski Elements crystals. *

Another brand,Gorenje produce the first fridge is set in black and comes embedded with 7,000 hand-set Swarovski crystals, and is limited to 5 editions, one each for Slovenia, Russia, Romania, Serbia and UK, all sold for charitable causes.

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* In 2004, Swarovski created the 9-foot-diameter (2. m), 550-pound (250 kg) star that tops the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City for the first of five consecutive years. * Swarovski was a sponsor for The Phantom of the Opera, in which the “standing model” of the chandelier was composed of Swarovski crystals. A Swarovski shop window is visible later in the film. However instead of using the edelweiss flower, which would have been the case in the era the film was set, the current swan logo was used.

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