Sustainable tourism Essay

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Sustainable tourism

Kenya is in Africa and is becoming a popular holiday destination with tourists and the number of advantages have increased and also the number of disadvantages. There are more advantages for the local community to work and earn money but there are also the large tourist companies which are taking a large chunk of the country’s money out of the country via leakage. In this report I will recommend how to improve the disadvantages and to maximize the advantages for the income and welfare of Kenyan local communities and environments to keep sustainable tourism in Kenya.

The Tour Companies The tour companies are responsible for the package holidays, and making them up, deciding what to include in them and whether they are suitable. Tour companies need to make sure the packages they use are environmentally friendly and will be sustainable for the future. More and more people are visiting Kenya and want to go on safaris and get as close to the animals as they can, so the tour company drivers go off the track so they can get close to the animals and please the tourists.

As a result of this the animals get scared. I recommend that they do a couple of things to ensure the safety of tourists and to keep the trips sustainable. First I think there should be strict rules as to where the drivers may go and when, at certain times some animals will become a lot more agitated and may even attack the safari vans. Drivers should remain on the tracks in doing this they are not scaring the animals or killing the environment so it remains sustainable.

Secondly there should also be restrictions on the time of day safaris are so the animals are not constantly disturbed, this will help sustainability as the animals will be able to reproduce and keep the numbers up. Another ride that scares the animals is the hot air balloon rides. If the balloons go too low the animals are scared and may move from their normal terrain to get away from the hot air balloons. I recommend that there are fewer hot air balloons and there are height restrictions as to how low they can go. Sustainability is a major key that I think the tour companies need to think about and remember when creating

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