Sustainable Lawn Care Essay

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Sustainable Lawn Care

1: Strategic Mission: To make the highest quality Grass Seed and Fertilizer in the world. : Value Chain: Top notch Chemist to formulate the seed and fertilizer / Seed delivered to the client. : Strategic Competitive Priorities: Right product to the right customer at the right time. : Win Customers: Through quality of goods delivered on time. : Order Qualifiers: Quality Product & Timely Deliveries.

: Order Winners: High Quality Seed and Fertilizer.

2: The Company has stopped evolving; sales are most likely based on reputation and historical service. The end of the value chain ends at delivery. With the occurrence of claims, environmental groups, etc in addition to the failure of the product to produce the most beautiful lawns there will be a loss of reputation and a decrease in sales. The CBP may include good quality and excellent customer service but in the absence of that follow up application service they are creating a risk (especially considering that competitors are providing the service).

3: Strategic Mission: The most beautiful Green lawns in the world. : Value Chain: Top Notch chemists to formulate the seed and fertilizer. Service center for orders and customer service (work with clients to adapt bundled services to their needs. Delivery of goods on time of course plus service.

Product application and maintenance service.
: Win Customers: Through sale of final product, beautiful lawns, convenience of one already reputable company. In addition to adding the new operational component, application and maintenance branch of the business.

4: Operations will have to bring in a new level of customers service; one that is able to understand the next phase of development for the company; application, care, maintenance and ongoing customer support. The expansion of service must be seamless; most likely buy mirroring old and new staff with old and new functions. Ex 1- The best customer service sales staff must work with new applications and maintenance personal. Ex 2 – marketing and Sales people must be integrated into the development ongoing relationship portion of the business.

5: Recommendation: Expand the business….
Without expansion the business will fail; it will take time but sales will come back stronger then it was before, with expansion of service the company’s great reputation will aid in promoting the expanded Customer Benefits Package.

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