Sustainable Environmental Development Goals

There are still 83 million 60 million people in the world who are extremely poor in eliminating all types of poverty from all countries; Whose daily income is less than $ 1/25 cents. That is, these people have survived every day by earning less than 100 taka of income per day. But by 2030 there will be no such people in the world. Because the United Nations has set specific goals to bring them out of extreme poverty. The United Nations has approved the 17th SAFE Development Goal (SDG) to protect the world and ensure prosperity for all, its first is to bring extreme poverty to zero.

In approving the SDG goal, the UN has highlighted the global situation of poverty. According to the organization, since 1990, the number of extreme poor people in the world has decreased by half.

Although it is a remarkable achievement, yet one in five developing countries, one of the poorest of the poor (whose daily income is only $ 1 or 25 cents less). Most of these people live in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

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More than this, millions of people have to live with income. There are many other people, whose condition is a bit better once they are coming back to the poverty line. The agency said that poverty rates were the highest in small, fragile or fragile countries in the world. Due to poverty, the world is less than the age of one in every 7 children under five years of age. Apart from this, due to the conflict, 42 thousand people left their homes every day in the last one year and in search of safety and shelter elsewhere.

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The United Nations says, due to poverty, the life and livelihood of people is interrupted. Hunger and malnutrition increase. Less basic education and less education are available and social discrimination increases. That’s why the organization has advised to include the process of economic growth; In order to ensure that the employment of the people is sustainable and the equality in society increases, there are 7 targets to achieve this goal. Undo extreme poverty everywhere in the world.  No matter what kind of poverty people are in, regardless of their gender, their numbers are reduced to half. Taking appropriate social protection programs of the country; There is a significant improvement in the condition of the poor and at risk.

Ensure equal rights to financial services, including basic services, land ownership and control, natural resources, new technologies, micro-loans, for all poor and at risk. Protecting people from poor and at risk from socio-economic, environmental and environmental disasters and disasters. 6. Ensure adequate resources from different sources; In order to support SDG’s achievement policies and programs. 7. Equity-based development strategies and coordinated policy framework for poor and feminist men in the national, regional and international levels. Goal-2: Creating a hunger-free world by ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture. Nine people in the world suffer from malnutrition. According to this, the total population of malnutrition is 79 million and 50 million.

Two-thirds of the population live in Asia on the continent. 6 million 60 million children who are studying in the primary stage of the world go hungry in school to school. Again, 40 percent of the world’s population comes from agriculture. Speaking on the importance of women in agriculture, the United Nations says that if women in agriculture participate equally as men, then the number of hungry people in the world can be reduced to 15 million. In the next 15 years, 8 targets have been set for sustainable development by ensuring food security and nutrition by eliminating hunger by 2030. These are:  Removing the hunger from food to all the people living at the risk of food security, starting from a new born child. Children under the age of five years of malnutrition, minors, minor pregnant and breast-feeding women and adult people meet the nutritional needs of all people. Due to agricultural production and farmers’ income doubling.

To ensure the sources of land security, education, financial transactions, and other opportunities for people like women, small ethnic groups, livestock and fishermen. Ensure sustainable agricultural production and food production. Ensuring the balance of the environment in agricultural production, ensure that the crops can survive in natural disasters such as climate change, adverse weather, flood and drought. Between 2020, working to increase the genetic diversity of animals in the seeds, grains and animals. Enhancing cooperation between the developing countries through developing rural infrastructure, agro-based research and technology by increasing mutual cooperation between the international level. Avoid irregularities in the global agricultural market and avoiding unnecessary restrictions on import-export of agricultural commodities. Take a few steps to keep the prices of

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