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Is Sustainable development compatible with human welfare?

The problem solving relates to sustainable development. I would like to define sustainable development at the start. Our common future is to: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”On this question, there are basically two answers yes and no.

Professor of management Dinah M. Payne and professor of accounting Cecily A. Raiborn responded positively. They answer that: “environmental respodsibility and sustainable develipment are essential parts of modern bussiness ethics and that only through them can both bussiness and humans thrive.

” They put 4 questions: the future currenrly be ascertained, economically viable, socially just, social equity and environmentally appropriate. The questions gave different answers. He also worked on sustainable development as an ethical issue. It gave an interesting answer: “sustainable development would create the greatest good or least harm by allowing those inhabitants to exist in a world where the air is breathable, the water is drinkable, the soil is fertile, and renewable resources thrive.

” They be taken also on level of sustainable development effirts for businesses. From the standpoint of businesses, it is important to ascertain which sustainable development issues can and cannot be addressed. Businesses can for example influence pasage of laws through lobbying and other efforts, help reduce or eliminate pollution causes. They said: “one possible technique would be the use of the hierarchy of ethical behavior suggested. Hierarchy consists of four degrees of achevemnt bacic, currently attinable, practical, theoretical.”

Negative response gave a to environmental journalist Ronald Bailey.

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He says: “suistainable development resuts in economic stagnation and threatens both the environment and the world�s poor. In his article adds interesting information for example: “For radical greens, sustainable development mean s economic stagnation. The greens are right about one thing: the extent of global poverty is stark.” It greatly too slew issue of poverty. Also in this issue provides very interesting information for example: “poverty eradication is clerly crucial to preventing environmental degradation, too, since there is nothing more environmentally destructive than a hungry human.”

Interesting look at our question has Jiri Necas. He asked in his work: Do we want sustainable development? I think this is related to our question. A negative answer would mean a decision for the path to extinction, to destruction. Another interesting look at the nec Miroslav Svatos. That his work deals with the economic growth and sustainable development. It presupposes thoroughly fundamental changes in the approaches towards economic growth. The issue lays in setting of the aims and creating new functional systems for their fulfilment in the political, economic, social , production, scientific, international,administrative etc. sphere. A radical change in the behaviour of the whole mankind is theprerequisite of succes.

It is very difficult to decide the answer to the question of whether sustainable development is compatible with human welfare. I think that the correct approach to the issue is somewhere in between the two attitudes of scientists. I think that sustainable development and the environment should be in line with today’s business. Says Miroslav Svatos should just be a fundamental change in the national economy. The starting point is to determine objectives and the creation of new functional systems in the political, economic, social, production, scientific, international, administrative, etc., to their fulfillment. For success drastic change in the behavior of humankind.) but on the other hand, we should take into account the second approach, Ronald Bailey. Some economic growth may indeed threaten the environment even more. Jiri Necas mentions the issue of sustainable development of interesting questions such as: Is the sustainable development compatible with predominance of supply over demand, resulting in an unnecessarily rapid depletion of resources and to accelerate the growth of entropy? Is the sustainable development compatible with the conversion of fertile or at least vsakuj�c� water and soil clogging highways and other built-up areas? Is the sustainable development compatible with the growth of the automobile and air transport? I also think that sustainable development does not lead directly to solving problems in developing (poor) countries.

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