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Suspense of the audience Essay

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This biblical connection serves as a warning to the audience that Elizabeth is going to die! You can hear the rain dripping against the building and roof that gives this particular part an eerie effect, because it sounds like the drums used before an execution. We move onto the next scene. After you see the silhouette of the monster that tricks you to believe that you are looking at him from Elizabeth’s point of view… almost immediately you see nothing but the hand cover Elizabeth’s mouth – you see it being done with a birds eye view so you can tell exactly what has happened to her.

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We then go outside to the three men once again. Victor sees the balcony door open and shouts “Elizabeth! ” in a frantic voice! Building up the sense of urgency. The music is reaching a crescendo in sympathy with the action on the screen. The final scene is also the most action-packed! There is a close-up of the Creature lying on top of a very scared and terrified Elizabeth, each staring at the other in silence – this is a very quiet moment for the audience; it gives you your breath back from the outside!

There is eerie music in the background to match with this eerie moment. The audience has time to contemplate – what will happen next? Will the monster let her go or will she die? The close up reveals the monster looking admirably at Elizabeth and for a moment we believe she will escape. It still has the amber glow inside, but because this is a different situation – the amber doesn’t give out the romantic feel anymore, it gives out a chilling feel instead! The silence is broken when Elizabeth asks not be hurt.

This is still a close up and you can hear Elizabeth breathing in fear and see the expression on her confused and bewildered face. The creature takes up a lot of the camera space in this shot; he wears black that is a sign that the evil is domineering over the good. “Don’t bother screaming,” demands the creature in case they find him. He says it again to make himself clear. At this moment you feel sorry for Elizabeth, because you know she is going to die and you are part of her experience because the camera angle is a close-up and you feel her emotions.

The Creature says, “Your even lovelier than I had expected”… there is then a flash of lightening in the foreground – it catches the eye of the creature, he is blinded and bewildered by it for a split second, he recovers and hears Victor shout “Elizabeth” from outside the room. He suddenly digs his hand into Elizabeth’s chest, the three men then burst in and all of a sudden the Creature catches the audience off-guard by ripping the heart out of Elizabeth in a matter of milliseconds and turning to Victor utters, “I keep my promises”.

The three men start to shoot at the creature, but the creature throws the dead Elizabeth off the bed – her hair catches fire which brings in more excitement for the viewers. The creature makes a dash for the balcony window and jumps out onto the ground. This is all mid-shot, and distances you from the action so that you can see the whole picture. The scene ends with the romantic feel it started off with, but this is a tragic romance as we are left to watch Victor cradling the dead Elizabeth in his arms after putting the fire out of the hair. My evaluation

The director has used a wide range of skills to contribute to the success of this scene. He shift’s the viewers through a range of emotions and expectations through his use of contrast, lighting and sound. The sense of suspense is heightened by the use of small short, contrasting scenes cut quickly between them. In my opinion, the director should try to and use the audience’s four senses so that the audience feels even more part of the film, thus becoming more scared when something harrowing happens! I think a brilliant idea to back this up would to be adding smell and touch…

for example – you can smell the flowers and candles burning in the love scene and you can feel the warmth and smooth fabric on the bed. I think that the director was very effective in the scene and made good use of what he could. He used lighting, sounds and images which all made the audience hooked into the scene. I in particular was glued to it, and was always thinking, ‘What will happen next? ‘ It does seem like a mad rush – but that is good in horror films, the quick feeling of adrenalin pumping through the body is the main objective of the director! Conclusion

The scene that I studied was a very good example of a horror movie! There were all the ingredients that are needed to fulfil a good horror movie, such as the “normal” love scene turning into a horror scene. Contrast plays an important part in horror movies. For example, there was the contrast between the beauty of Elizabeth and the ugliness of the Creature and the beauty of the love scene which shows the creation of life through love and the contrast of the death about to befall her. The director uses very good techniques to keep the audience glued to the film.

He let the audience know there was horror awaiting outside, but inside Elizabeth was completely unaware of what was about to befall her and the audience just want to let her know that she should get out of there, but we feel frustrated because we can’t do anything about the information we have. The audiences’ emotions are therefore heightened and confused. I especially like the use of colours in the love scene and the contrast with the turmoil of the dark storm outside. I think that emphasises the mood of the whole scene – the evil that lurks outside.

I also like the ‘flips’ between the inside and the outside, where you feel warm and secure inside and vulnerable and scared outside! The director is playing with the emotions of the audience. Overall, it is an effective scene – I think it could even be an inspiration to other horror film directors because of the techniques that were used and the way they were used! By Matthew Kutner 10G Matthew Kutner 10G 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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