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Supporting the BBC Essay

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A good supervisor will feel that coaching members of staff is of high priority. At the BBC, the supervisors consider good coaching is when the supervisor in question works well with employees to help them establish their goals, action plans and time lines, also when the supervisor provides ongoing support and guidance through all areas of their work. The supervisors often find, whilst helping an employee complete a goal that they need to take into consideration all areas of the employees’ life e.

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g. time available for training, career preference, personal strengths and weaknesses.

Mentoring As the supervisors within the BBC have experience of working in the BBC and they are aware which problems will or may arise within an employees’ career, they know the BBC and the employees’ job position better than they do. Supervisors can use this as a benefit as this will help whilst mentoring employees as the employee can look to their mentor for guidance on direction and development. In order for a supervisor-employee relationship to be successful, the supervisor needs to accept the responsibility of mentorship and needs to be open to any problem the employee may have.

Supporting the BBC The supervisor-employee bond grows; the supervisor will often be the first person to tell the employees of new policies and programs being introduced to the BBC from the management. It is quite common for employees to not fully understand or become confused about new policies, and they will most likely turn to their mentor to further elaborate on the policies in order to clarify what requirements might have changed which would make a difference to the employee.

It is now down to the supervisors to ensure these new policies are carried out and that the BBC’s wishes are fulfilled and he is loyal to what the policies are asking for. Supporting the Employee The supervisor will often be the person who the employees turn to with any problems and it therefore is down to them to take the problems to management and ensuring they represent the employees case.

For example, if you and/or the employee feel that the employee in question deserves a promotion, it is not enough for the supervisor to just say that they deserve it and it will happen, the supervisor will then need to justify the case for the employee getting a promotion to his supervisor as well, and if the employee has a unique situation which requires special consideration from the rest of the management team, then this must be fully explained what the situation is and how to handle it.

If the supervisor does all of these things, then it will not be unlikely that the employees will see the supervisor as more of a personal friend who will help them and they can talk to rather than just somebody at work who watches over them. By gaining this confidence, the supervisor can ensure the employees are working at the best of their ability and bringing all they can into the BBC. Qualities of a Supervisor

Supervisors are often seen as the most important people to any business, especially the BBC, as they are involved in motivating workers to achieve their goals and are responsible for representing the BBC’s new policies to the employees, as previously explained. Also, as the employees’ spokesperson within the BBC, it is their responsibility to bring the workers problems and suggestions up to the top management. In order to be a successful supervisor, there have been a few qualities identified by workers from lots of different varieties of businesses, which are as follows:

1. Knows Their Job – One of the major qualities a supervisor must have is to have a thorough understanding of their job and the different employment roles within it. If a supervisor does not have the background knowledge which entails the different jobs within the BBC, the supervisor will not be able to gain the respect of the employees who work beneath them and who they mentor. 2. Has Ability to Make Things Happen – If you are a good supervisor, no matter how difficult or challenging a task might be, you will try your best to make things happen.

When others get scared about a task, a good supervisor will make the best possible use of the sources at hand and will solve the problem and achieve the required result. 3. Is Committed and Responsible – As a manager, you need to be able to have confidence that the job assigned to the supervisor will be completed and carried out as you have desired it to be. Most employees will value supervisors who are committed to the company’s vision as well as their aims and objectives.

Is a Good Communicator – A good supervisor will have good enough communication skills to convince others to do what he or she wants them to do, within reason. The supervisor can do this by giving clear and concise instructions, guiding employees on how to complete the task successfully. If a supervisor does not possess this quality, he will not be able to guide employees through the tasks delegated. 5. Is Respectful and Courteous – ‘Treat others how you wish to be treated’, this common saying can also be applied to the workplace.

If a supervisor is polite and treats the employees humanely then the chances are that he will get the same treatment back. By applying this attitude, you can also increase the results in which you will gain from the employees. 6. Able to be a Spokesperson for the Workers – A large majority of the time, the only people who can communicate the problems and ideas of the workers to the middle or top management is the supervisor, due to this, the supervisor should always bring up any problems or ideas employees have mentioned to higher management and should avoid taking credit for any successful ideas etc.

7. Have The Ability To Develop People – Traditionally, the other employees will be either illiterate or less educated than the supervisors, but this doesn’t mean that they lack potential or cannot improve themselves as their present state could be due to the environment in which they were brought up in. to improve their education they should be trained, educated and developed to become better people and the ultimate responsibility for them to complete this lies with the supervisor.

Training and Development Opportunities It currently shows that the BBC does not offer any courses as such for supervisors to broaden their knowledge of supervising, but it does offer a few courses which could help with their qualities needed to be a good supervisor; there is currently a communications course which helps the employee to learn different communication techniques.

Although there are no official courses specifically for supervisors, by doing things like mentoring and coaching, they are improving their own knowledge of the BBC. As employees ask them questions about the BBC they are finding out more and more, and they are improving all of their personal skills such as communication and people skills etc.

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