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Supporting, teaching and learning

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (743 words)
Categories: Learning,Tea,Teaching
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In schools you will find display boards that are used for many different purposes. It’s important to remember when you do a display that it has a clear purpose and the headings identify this so that anyone who sees the display find it appealing and are able to understand it. In schools displays are used to provide information for pupils, staff and parents. Generally you will find specific boards are set aside in the reception area of a school to give information to parents.

Staff boards will be in the staff-room to display events in schools, important messages, whereabouts of staff and playground duties rota etc. In individual classrooms you will find that the pupils work is displayed or they are used as a learning resource with a particular purpose relating to a subject as a reference to enhance pupils learning with a constant reminder. Displays can be in many forms, they could be on a board, hanging from ceiling, window displays or laid out on a table.

Displays are also used for the following purposes –
To present information
To brighten up the environment
To prompt feedback
A learning resource
To promote a sense of community
To celebrate diversity
To celebrate and share achievements
To display pupils work.

Depending on the location the display should be appropriate and meet it’s purpose accordingly. Displaying pupils work is encouraging and builds their self-esteem and celebrates their achievement by sharing with others around the school. There may be regular awards given to pupils in weekly assembly’s for Maths and English which are displayed for everyone to see. A good way to celebrate diversity is to have a display on specific religious or cultural event such as Diwali, Eid or Christmas. This helps build knowledge of others to understand different beliefs and festivals celebrated.

With regards to promoting a sense of community and belonging you could show how staff and pupils work together and how links with the community are fulfilled. Environments are thoroughly improved with displays due to them being colourful, bright, informative and stimulating. They contribute positively to the learning environment, although in some cases when working with children with special needs they may find them over-stimulating and become a distraction. In such circumstances you should seek advice from the Senco. Feedback displays are designed to encourage a response to the individual who did the display, this could in a way of a suggestion box or reminders for pupils to put their names forward if they interested in a particular event.

Tda 2.13 – 1.3

Displays are a good resource to use for the reinforcing of particular aspects of the pupils learning. Within a classroom you could display vocabulary lists in foreign language, connectives, wow words, mathematical methods used for calculations, colours, shapes, numbers, alphabet, phonic sounds, facts or reminders for pupils of important dates. Depending on current topics being taught in class, you may show different items or artefacts relating to this.

Displays should be creative to stimulate the environment and give a welcoming feeling. All children’s work should be displayed and not only of those who’s are well presented. When a child sees their work on display this promotes their confidence, you should label the work with the child’s name and ensure it is spelt correctly.

Tda 2.13 -1.4

Risk assessments need to be carried out when doing activities in schools. It’s important to comply with health and safety procedures when doing a display, as there are many risk factors that need to be considered. If the display is on a table it should never be too close to or blocking a fire exit. As the display is at a lower level for people to touch you should ensure it is never left unsupervised, especially if there any hazardous items such as sharp objects. Hanging displays may trigger alarms if they are moving due to the wind.

With window displays there are options of using special glass pens to brighten them up but again do so only if there is a suitable amount of light coming through them. When covering display boards on the walls never stand on chairs or table always use appropriate step ladders and don’t stretch up too high if you are unable to reach corners. When removing staples ensure you remove it all from the board as it may hurt people as they walk past, also the floor should be cleaned thoroughly in case any staples have fallen down.

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