Supporting Case, African American Essay

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Supporting Case, African American

Item 1Student responses will vary. Write a memo to all staff in the department asking staff to come in and introduce themselves . Item 2 Write this information in “note to self. ” Recently SSS Software has lost two key personnel, Michael Grant and Janice Ramos from health and hospitals, and finance and banking. How soon will the organization replace Janice Ramos? And with an internal or external hire? Item 3Memo to Paula Sprague thanking her for this information. It will be valued and kept confidential.

This is important for me to have the insight and background of each of these managers to better understand their needs and what can be done to improve upon a team effort. Item 5C copy No response. Item 6Voice mail or e-mail to Harry Withers regarding this issue as soon as possible. Item 7 Call Jim Bishop regarding this issue. Set up meeting if needed. Get additional information from Jose Martinez. Item 8 Voice mail to Armand to set up appointment as soon as possible regarding this issue.

Get copies of complaints if possible; how many. Item 9 Voice mail to Pat to set up lunch date. Item 10 Memo to Bob Miller to discuss this issue. Need more information as to what was said in the joke. Item 11 Phone call to Lorraine Adams from Westside Hospital regarding conversion of existing software. “Note to self” Michael has offered to do this work (Universal Business Solutions, Inc. ) Memo to Paula Sprague, Soto and Woo on C. A. R. E project.

Need them and Wilson, if able for project or someone equally qualified FOR Westside Hospital. Item 12 Voice mail to Roosevelt Moore to set up an appointment to talk about this issue. “Note to self” Get information on work record and review before meeting with Roosevelt. Item 13 E-mail or voice mail to set up meeting with Jose Martinez. Get his side of issue then talk with Jim Bishop. Item 14“Note to self”: John Small recommending Mala Abendano for the position vacated by Janice Ramos. John is involved with Mala.

Check work record on Mala. Ask for Paula’s opinion on the matter if Mala applies for position. Item 15E-mail to Roger regarding meeting. “Note to self” review memo of October 15, from Paula Sprague on the management team personnel to propose a group to go to Kenya. Item 16E-mail to Sharon Shapiro thanking her for the information. “Note to self”: Sharon will keep me updated on the sexual joke issue. May need to review sexual harassment issue with staff. Item 17No response. Keep for information only.

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