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Support Worker

Your employer indentifies what you are to do in your job description, but sets out how it is to be done in the policies and procedures of the organisation you work for. Policies will cover all the key ares of practice, such as equal opportunities, bullying and harrassment, confidentiality, data protection, supervision and environmental policy. Explanation of having full and up-to-date details of the agreed ways of working. Your employer will need to plan their workforce and ensure there are enough people doing the right jobs at the right level in order to be able to deliver services. You will have been recruited to do a particular job at a particular level, and other people will have been recruited to do different jobs at different level. Everyone has their own area of responsibility and is accountable for what they do. If everyone started doing other people’s jobs, there would be chaos.

The other reason for working within the agreed scope of your job is that you are working at the level for your experience and qualifications. Other job roles may require specialist knowledge or training, and you would not be able to do these jobs until you had been given the right training and gained relevant experience. Why it is important that social care workers follow guidance about the limits of their job role. Working within the boundaries of your job is important. There are many different roles within social care, and your job should have a clear job description so that you know the areas for which you are responsible.

Usually, when an employer advertises a job, regardless of whether it is placed by a large local authority, a voluntary organisation, a private sector company or a person, there will be a job description that explains the requirements of the job. The job description will form part of your contract with your employer and is likely to include information about: the responsiblities of the role

  • where the work is to be done
    who will supervise the work
    who the line manager is for the work
    any staff you will be responsible for.
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