Support Positive Behaviour Outcome Two

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Describe the benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour. By rewarding positive behaviour it encourages the child to carry on seeking rewards and also shows other children what they would receive if they emulate this behaviour. This in turn will make the classroom experience much more pleasant for all children and staff and, therefore, enable the teacher’s and teaching assistants to teach a lesson without any disruption from inappropriate behaviour. Children may try to gain attention by displaying bad behaviour, it is important not to give the child the attention they are looking for and give the attention to the children who are behaving properly.

Apply skills and techniques for supporting and encouraging children and young people’s positive behaviour. I find staying calm and talking clearly to the children helps to encourage the positive behaviour. I also find distraction techniques work well in the nursery setting. For example, one child wanting a toy another child is playing with; I very often can talk them into either playing with another toy or moving them to another area of the nursery to a different activity.

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Rewarding them with praise for making the correct choices rather than having a tantrum is also very effective and the children learn very quickly which responses get rewarded and which responses carry a penalty of time out.

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Support Positive Behaviour Outcome Two

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