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Outcome 1 – understand specific communication needs and factors affecting them. 1.1 – Explain the importance of meeting an individual’s communication needs? Individuals that have communication problems need help and support to enable them to express themselves in the way they want, it’s important that you find out the best way for the individual to communicate for example it may be through sign language or writing what they want to say down on paper, you must respect their preferred method of communication as it is everyone’s human right to communicate and not allowing them to do so is stopping them from expressing their options and rights.

2.1- Explain how own role and practise can impact on communication with an individual who has specific communication needs? In my role of a carer it is my job to work in a person centred way to support the service users I care for, to promote and support them to live independently and give them the freedom to express themselves and respect their rights.

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By identifying their preferred method of communication I can adapt the way I speak to meet their needs.

You can provide the support and aids that they need, without the appropriate support the service user would be unable to express their needs or how they are feeling. 3.1- Analyse features of the environment that may help or hinder communication? Features of the environment that may hinder communication include, a lot of background noise, people all talking at the same time, not facing people when speaking to them, covering you mouth when speaking, talking too fast or too slow, using slang words, poor lighting, poor seating arrangement.

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Features of the environment that may help communication include, good lighting, a good seating arrangement, talking slow and clear, facing the individual when speaking to them, turn off any TV’s/radios.

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4.1- Analyse reasons why an individual may use a form of communication that is not based on a formal language system? They may not be able to speak because of a medical condition, they might of had a stroke and find it hard to access their normal language skills. There may be in a situation where they don’t feel safe to speak openly and choose to use a different method of communication such as writing their thoughts down or pointing out to different images to express what they want to say. Another reason could be that they do not share the same language system or were not taught therefore they could have found another way to communicate. 5.1- Identify a range of communication methods and aids to support individuals to communicate? Using and showing the individual images and objects an example is holding/showing them a glass when asking them if they would like a drink or they can point at image of a cup to let you know that they want a drink. Using sign language and makaton.

Speaking clear and slow to the individual and repeating what you have said if they need you to. Hearing aids are a very common aid to improve the hearing of people with hearing difficulties. Some people may have a keypad that they can type onto then it says out loud what it is that they have typed this is a good method for people with speech problems. 6.1- Describe the potential effects on an individual of having unmet communication needs. They could become isolated and depressed, they could develop metal heath issues if they feel like they are not included. To make sure communication needs are met I would work in partnership with the individual, their family for example to identify the service users specific communication needs to provide the best care and gain the best outcome.

Outcome 2 – Be able to contribute to establishing the nature of specific communication needs of individuals and ways to address them 2.1- Work in partnership with the individual and others to identify the individual’s specific communication needs. You can work with the individual and others to identify their needs this could be working with other members of staff, the care manager as you may feel that the service users needs have changed and may need to put in place a new care plan or review it. You may be working with doctors or speech therapists. 2.2 – contribute to identifying the communication methods or aids that will best suit the individual. As some peoples communication can change day to day due to medical or physical conditions you can help to identify the best methods to suit them by monitoring them and reporting what you find to your manager they can then put in place aids or different methods that will best suit the individual. Also they will be able to set up meetings with the appropriate people e.g. speech therapist.

2.3 – Explain how and when to access information and support about identifying and addressing specific communication needs. You can access the service users care plan this will help you to identify any specific needs that they may have, you can then give them the support that is needed to deliver the best possible care Outcome 3 – Be able to interact with individuals using their preferred communication. 3.1 – Prepare the environment to facilitate communication. You can find out how the individual feels more comfortable, it could be one to one or they may prefer to be in a group. Make sure there is not a lot of background noise and distractions have a good seating arrangement where you can see and hear each other without having things in the way and so you don’t have to shout to hear each other.

3.2 – use agreed methods of communication to interact with the individual. You will find the agreed methods of communication in the service users care plan, for example if I went to a service users home for the first time I would check there care plan I can then deliver the right care care that person, if the service user had hearing difficulties I would see it in the care plan I can then adapt my ways of communication to suit the individual so that they can understand me I would speak clear and at a louder volume and if they preferred to I could show then images or items so that they understand what I am saying.

3.3 – Monitor the indivuals responses during and after the interaction to check the effctiveness of communication. It is important to monitor the responses of the service user so that you can find out if they understood you okay and if the method of communication is working for them, if it is not you will have to report it so that it can be reviewed, then you will be able to find out if the needs of the service user have changed and may need to put in place new methods to communicate. 3.4 – Adapt own practice to improve communication with the indivdual.

Mr A has demiata and parkinsons which affects his speech he enjoys talking to the carers and telling them about his day and what he has been doing since he last seen you however it can be hard to understand him although sometimes it is better than others, once you get to know him it is easier to pick up what he is telling you but you needed to listen very carefully and it helps if there is none or little background noise. He has a keypad that he can use to type what he wants then it plays it out loud this is good for days that his communication is poor. Although he finds it frustrating when you can’t quite understand what it is he is saying he understands and you can use things to put such as showing him objects and images so that you can see what he wants.

Outcome 4 – Be able to promote communication between individuals and others

4.1 – Support the individual to develop communication methods that will help them to understand others and be understood by them. I would do this by making sure the environment was effective of communication by making sure the lighting was good, chairs are facing each other, people are facing each other and making sure there’s not a lot of background noise. I would support the service user to use the methods that they feel are best for them and make sure others are okay with the methods and all can understand each other clearly, I would monitor their response before and after communication for example nodding or shacking of heads I would allow then time to thing before they answer so that I am not rushing them and asking them if they understand and if they have any questions.

4.2 – provide opportunities for individuals to communicate with others. To provide the opportunities for individuals to communicate with others such as other carers, nurses, doctors I would use their agreed ways to communicate if the service user communicates through sign language you would make sure that there is someone in the room that can use and understand sign language so that they can understand what the service user wants to say they can then tell the professional what has been said and they can wait for the response and sign back to the service user. Another example could be a service user with hearing difficulties you would make sure that they having their hearing aids in if they use them, and let the other person know that the service user has trouble hearing so that they know to speak louder and clear.

4.3 – support others to understand and interpret the individual’s communication. I would support others to understand and interpret the indivual by first telling them about the service user so that when they first meet them so they have an idea of their communication needs, for example when I first Mr A I could understand a very limited amount of what he was trying to tell me but as you get to know him and have meet him a few time you can pick up more as I have know him for a while now I find it easier to understand him and now how to communicate with him in a way that works for him, I support other carers understand his communication methods and I can pick up on what he is trying to ask for so I can then tell the other carer what it is, I also support communication by arranging the seating so it’s closer so you can hear and turn down TVs, radios and have good lighting so you can also see whets happening as he may point something out or show you cards with word or pictures on.

4.4 – Support others to be understood by the individual by use of agreed communication methods. By showing them that if they come closer and are face to face with the person they are trying to communicate with it will be easier and they will find it better than if they and shouting from the next room or standing on the other side of the room, also If they can turn down any background i.e Televisions or radios it will improve them communication. Outcome 5 – Know how to support the use of communication technology and aids. 5.1 – Identify specialist services relating to communication technology and aids. Specialist services relating to communication technology and aids include, telecare, action on hearing, sense, Braille,

5.2 – describe types of support that an individual may need in order to use communication technology and aids. Hearing aids will need to be made/ordered to fit the individual, 5.3 – Explain the importance of ensuring that communication equipment is correctly set up and working properly. The equipment needs to be set up properly so that it works for the service user and they can understand how it works, what it does and explained to them so that they can use it in the right way. It also has to be checked properly so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the service user. Before you buy new reading glasses you would go and have an eye test so that your can find the best glasses for you and so you know what they will work and improve your reading without doing so you may end up making your eye sight worst than it was to begin with.

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