Support Independence in the tasks of daily living: Steps

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1.1 It is really important to promote independence as much as is possibly achievable. The outcome depends on each individual and can range from just allowing them the freedom to make the smallest decisions which could normally be made for them day to day. By encouraging the individual to make thier own choices allows them to feel empowered and in control of thier life.

1.2 Active participation should be included in every step of an individuals support/care. This means they have active inclusions on all decisions and choices in thier lives, minimising others from making choices for them.

This is important because it strengthens the ability to learn or to continue to live independantly. By repeating this process daily the individual hopefully learns to think for themselves.

1.3 Different cultures can affect daily living tasks in a variety of ways and support workers have to be sensitive and consider differences when advising a client. For example living or growing up in different area’s or countries could mean a client has had completely different experiences to thier support worker with regards to money, poverty and even essentials like bedding, cookers, clothing, shopping, cooking etc.

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1.4 It is therefore an essential factor that a support worker respects the diversity of each individuals cultural beliefs and preferences as they have a human right to live as they choose and any person working within a health and social care setting must abide by this, under the Human Rights Act 1998.

1.5 Promoting learning new skills or practising existing one’s can be easily achieved through acknowledgments, encouragement and good communication based around the clients ability to understand.

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Prompting a client to make thier own phone calls, word thier own letters or make thier own appointments can install a sense of achievement. By asking the client “What would you do?” as opposedto answering/prompting for them enables them to learn forthemselves with a little guidance.

1.6 Establishing roles and responsibilities are important to the individual client and support worker because they both need to understand the professional boundaries within the working relationship. A client with learning difficulties may want a support worker to carry out tasks that they could actually achieve independantly and should be encouraged to do so but also clients flourish from having routine, as is displayed within the autistic spectrum.

2.3 I would try to resolve difficulties within daily supporting roles independantly, this may be by researching a clients needs or contacting additional supporting agencies. If I was unsure about any issues regarding support I would contact my line manager who would be able to advise me accordingly.

5.2 As aclients support worker I can advise on home security on many levels. Initially on safety within the home, practising safe cooking skills, advice on heating thier home, keeping it clean and tidy. I would encourage them to lock doors and windows and not to open the door to stangers, especially in a shared entrance setting. If there is an issue with other tenants or a threat from another person I can initiate ‘Safeguarding’ on the client and offer guidance.

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