Support Independence In The Tasks Of Daily Living

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1. Understand principles for supporting independence in the tasks of daily living 1.1 Explain how individuals can benefit from being as independent as possible in the tasks of daily living

Encouraging individuals to be as independent as they can be will give them more control over their life. This could be things such as choosing what they want to eat, what activity they want to what they want to wear, encouraging to do things for themselves. If everything is chosen and done for the client this may make them feel useless and worthless.

1.2 Explain how active participation promotes independence in the tasks of daily living

Active participation means being involved as much as possible with every aspect of care needed. The more involved an individual is in their care the more independent they are as they are making choices for themselves.

1.3 Describe how daily living tasks may be affected by an individual’s culture or background

Individuals from different backgrounds will have different ways of life.

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For example some individuals may be used to having washing; cooking and cleaning done for them will make them reluctant to do it now. However some people may be used to doing a lot for themselves and having this taken away will make them feel useless. Some clients May wish to practice their religions on certain days or at certain times of the day. All of this will affect their daily living tasks.

1.4 Explain the importance of providing support that respects the individual’s culture and preferences

When caring for an individual you should take into account their personal preferences and needs.

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If you don’t do this then the individual may become
uncomfortable, bring on aggressive behaviour or affect an individual’s mental well-being. For example you may be caring for someone who doesn’t eat a certain type of food due to religion or culture. By giving them this food you are going against their beliefs. What may not seem like a big issue to you may be to certain individuals.

1.5 Describe how to identify suitable opportunities for an individual to learn or practice skills for daily living

Using a person centred approach you should consider the mental capacity and capabilities of the individual and discuss it with the individual and make sure that you have their best interests in mind. 1.6 Explain why it is important to establish roles and responsibilities for providing support

It is important to establish roles and responsibilities when providing support so things will run smoothly in the home. Your manager should give certain jobs to do on a daily basis so they know who to blame if something isn’t done. Also if roles aren’t given out then the hard or unlikeable jobs will be pushed to one side and not done.

2. Be able to establish what support is required for daily living tasks

2.3 Describe how and when to access additional guidance to resolve any difficulties or concerns about support for daily living tasks

For additional guidance you should speak to your managers, colleagues, professionals or refer to individuals care plans. You should seek additional guidance if you are unsure on how you should provide support for daily living tasks.

4. be able to provide support for buying and using household and personal items 4.1 Identify different ways of buying household and personal items When assisting clients with purchasing household items (depending on the mental capacity of the individual) I would ask them how they would like to get their shopping weather this is online or going to the shops. I would then assist them with making a list of all the things they needed making sure that they are assisted (and not have decisions made for them) with making decisions based on what they already have and the amount of money they have to spend.

I would also refer to their care plan and make sure we are not purchasing items that they have allergies to etc. I would discuss with them how they would like to buy their shopping, would they like to walk to the shops, go in a taxi or go on the internet and shop online? 5. be able to provide support for keeping the home clean and secure 5.2 Describe different risks to home security that may need to be addressed Risks to home security are things like moving and handling inappropriately, lack of cleaning that could result in health issues, mixing cleaning products, failure to dispose of out of date food, clinical waste and medication appropriately.

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Support Independence In The Tasks Of Daily Living
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