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Describe ways to resolve any difficulties or dilemmas about the choice of food and drink In care home where I work there are usually two choices of food and drinks on the menu. It happens that we need to serve something different because the individuals can’t, or don’t want to eat anything that’s on the menu.

Describe how and when to seek additional guidance about an individual’s choice of food and drink Some residents have their preferences when it comes to food and usually they are all in the care plan cause it is being updated on regular basis.

If we see that they don’t enjoy the food for some reason or have bad reactions to it, we should speak to other staff members and team leader and maybe even a GP. For extra information we can check on the official websites.

Identify the level and type of support an individual requires when eating and drinking In order to find out about the right level of support I check it with the resident.

Sometimes I need to ask if they need my support. Many times they prefer to struggle and do it on their own, rather than me feeding them. I think this is how they stay strong emotionally.

Describe factors that help promote an individual’s dignity, comfort and enjoyment while eating and drinking Some resident need assistance with eating their meals some are in need of aprons to have soft foods on their own.

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I always make sure that when I am assisting a resident with meal I stay with them in the dinning room with all the other residants so thay don’t feel as if I am making any pressure on them. Some of them just need company while having their food and this is what I do then. Just chat with them. Sometimes they need a bit of help in cleaning their hands, or their face.

Explain why it is important to be sure that an individual has chosen to finish eating and drinking before clearing away In a care home it is a bit like in a hotel. If you are in a hotel restaurant, a waiter always asks if we are finished. We need to have the same approach. Here it is even more important, because residents may have other reasons for not finishing their food, aprt from slow eating. They may need our support, or a company and we need to make sure they get it.

Explain the importance of monitoring the food and drink an individual consumes and any difficulties they encounter Monitoring the food and drink an individual consumes and any difficulties they encounter part of my job, as it keeps an individual in a better form. Whenever I notice something that is not in a care plan I confirm with other staff their observation and update the care plan. This way we know best how to support residents and act accordingly to their sometimes changing needs.

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