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Support clients assignment

1. A case worker has the right to not be discriminated against. If it is gender, racial, disability, sexual orientation or anything discriminatory; this is the case managers right and it must always be just 2. The case manager has the right to introduce and make a meeting, bring all services or people involved in the meeting and can also participate in it. 3. The case manager has the right to collect information from the client and has the right to keep it confidential. Three responsibilities a case manager would have

1. Telling the client all the information about the services provided and all other information the client would need to participate in and know of.

2. Making sure the client is involved in making the decisions; not deciding who to invite or what services to bring along alone and making sure the client approves and wants them part of the union.

3. The case manager should let their clients know what their rights are.

Identify three (3) clients’ rights and explain why it is essential for rights to be protected throughout the Case management process. Three client rights and why it is essential for rights to be protected throughout the case management process 1. Clients have the right to be treated with respect and not discriminated against 2. Clients have the right to have a non-judgemental service

 Clients have the right to be provided with the best practise interventions
It is essential for rights to be protected throughout the case management process because the client should always come first and for the case to be held correctly the case manager should always know these rights are being protected throughout the process.  Explain why it is important for a Case Manager to conduct an initial assessment with each new client. It is important for a case manager to conduct an initial assessment with each new client so the case manager gets to know the client and why they are asking for help and what the issue is and what the case manager should do to help the client. It is the integral to the ultimate success of the case plan.

Explain the importance of client empowerment in Case management and how goal-setting can promote self-empowerment for clients. The importance of client empowerment is to show that the client in involved and has a say in everything that happens in the case. The case manager should always before making decisions ask the client and get the clients approval as the client always comes first. Goal setting can promote self-empowerment by giving the client responsibility for certain tasks; this makes the client show that they are responsible for completing these tasks. It also makes the client feel acknowledged 6. Outline three (3) models of Case management.

Three models of case management are:
Primary care model (hospitalised mentally ill clients)
A broker model (non-English speaking background who has no access to a case worker) Multidiscipline model (when clients are in a high risk situation)

7. Prepare an agenda for a case review for the following case scenario outlined below and establish who you would have to present for the review. AGENDA
Chair: case manager
Attendees: psychologist, inner west community health (alcohol service), reach out (sexual abuse), Wesley mission (homeless), client, family support worker and doctor. Start: 8:00 am
End: 9:00 am
Matters for discussion:
1. Attendance and apologies
2. Business arising from last meeting
3. Individual service updates
4. Updates (progress, feedback, funding, reporting process)
5. Next scheduled appointment and what to talk about
6. Close of meeting
Thankyou for your attendance we look forward to seeing you on our next meeting. Contact if unable to attend. Scenario:
Your client is a young man who has been the victim of a violent crime and as a result has become estranged from his family and is currently living in a shelter. He frequently abuses alcohol and has been warned that if he continues this way, he will not be welcome at the shelter. His doctor referred him to a psychologist, and he has been working with the psychologist for several months. He tells you that his family, particularly his brother, are worried about him and want him to come home, but he feels they are better off without him.

Explain why it is important for Case Managers to be aware of professional boundaries in their work. It’s important for case managers to be aware of professional boundaries in their work because it determines the roles and responsibilities of the client and case manager. The case manager should know right from wrong and what is appropriate and inappropriate when speaking with a client. The case manager should not make the clients decision and always provide the client with information about the services the case worker is giving.

Identify relevant legislation on mandatory reporting and describe the requirements of your role as a Case manager in your state of territory. My role as a case manager is to ensure that the client is safe. My role is to ensure that my client isn’t homeless and is welcome at his shelter, to make sure he backs away from the alcohol abuse. To let the client know what he should do to be safe and how I as a case manager could help him. 10. Locate and outline three (3) services in a city near you that support people who are homeless, have drug and alcohol issues or need support because of sexual abuse.

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