Support children and young peoples positive behavior

Outcome 1: know the policies and procedures of the setting for promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. 1. Describe the policies and procedures of the settings relevant to promoting children and young people. Policies and procedures are in place for the safety of the children and to help follow the ‘every child matters’ there are many policies in place to adhere to promoting positive behaviour. These can be as follows:

Behaviour policy.

At this age children are learning how to behave appropriately.

Many of the things they do are normal for their stage of development and we help them to learn when something is dangerous or harmful to themselves or others, and to make positive choices in their behaviour. We do this buy

Noticing and acknowledging positive behaviours.
Using clear and consistent boundaries across the nursery.
Explaining the consequences of some behaviours and offering different choices. Sharing information with parents/carers about their children’s behaviour. Providing strategies to support turn-taking encouraging them to share.

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Communicating and showing positive behaviour, using different strategies. Acknowledging feelings to encourage empathy.

Creating an environment that reduces conflict e.g. ensuring there are enough and the right resources. Providing planned opportunities to discuss behaviour and feelings e.g. at circle time. Code of conduct

All staff are expect to follow the code of conduct within the work setting. The code of conduct involves the following: We will provide a warm secure environment, which will enable each child to develop personally, socially and emotionally. Children will feel valued and respected as individuals and encouraged to do the same for others.

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All staff are aware of and safeguard the “Rights of the Children”. Children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which will help their overall development. Children’s behaviour will be monitored and positively managed. Standards of hygiene will be maintained at all times and children given positive direction. Safety is a priority and standards will be maintained in all areas. All accidents will be reported to the Nursery Manager, logged and assessed and reported to parents as soon as possible. Carers will be aware of and sensitive to differences of culture. Staff will not discriminate against any child or parent on grounds of race, culture, religion, gender, disability, lifestyle or sexuality. Staff will work with parents for the good of the children.

Staff are aware of confidentiality in professional practice. Confidential information received will not be disclosed unless required by law or to protect the interest or welfare of the child. On request, parents will have access to Nursery Policies which are kept in the black file in the staffroom and also the black file in the office.

Anti-bullying police
Staff in the nursery take all forms of bullying seriously and intervene to prevent incidents from taking place. A record is kept of all incidents of bullying that happen in the nursery and these are shared with the manager. If staff witnesses an act of bullying they do all they can to support the person or persons who are being bullied. If a child is being bullied over a period of time, then, after consultation with the manager, the key worker informs the child’s parent. If practitioners become aware of any bullying taking place between members of a group, we deal with the situation immediately. This will involve supporting all parties to understand that this is not acceptable to be bullied, to be the recipient of bullying, and that the nursery will deal with the situation very seriously. If the patterns repeat of bullying and the ABC system of behaviour management has not been effective in this respect, the child’s parents should be asked to meet with the manager. There are other polices and procedure to support and promote positive behaviour such as: Attendance policy

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour and conflict police
Rewards and sanctions.

2. Describe with examples the importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of the setting.

If all staff are consistent and fair the children will learn to understand quickly what is acceptable and what’s not. If a member of staff is inconsistent the children become confused and they could become scared or withdraw as they would be unsure of if their actions are will get them into trouble or not. All staff should be consistent on treating behaviours in the same way because otherwise they could be accused of being bias and victimisation. It is important to have behaviour policies and procedures to: To creative a positive environment, which encourages the development of self-esteem and to able all children to care for themselves, and be responsible for their own safety and also to learn to take ownership of their actions and to be proud of what they do To stop bullying, all incidents of bullying will be thoroughly investigated and if necessary all children involved will be counselled and parents will be informed and involved in all decision making To stop racial harassment, all incidents will be investigated and all children involved will be counselled and their parents will be involved in all decision making. If the policy and procedure was not in place it would put the children and risk and would then stop their development and it wouldn’t keep them safe this is why it is important to have the behaviour policy in place. Outcome 2: be able to support positive behaviour

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Support children and young peoples positive behavior

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